October 28, 2009

Out on a limb with Jesus - it's all good!

Ok, if you've just checked the news media this morning (at least Fox News.com) you've already been totally disgusted and dismayed at the headline story regarding comedian Larry David and his over the top bash and outright attack against Christianity!!  Apparently he and HBO on the show "Curb your Enthusiasm" (which I have never seen) find it "entertaining" to produce a skit with Larry urinating on a portrait of Jesus in an effort to de-bunk the idea that people who follow Christ believe He appears in the most miraculous ways and places!

Now I must say here, I realize my blog is new and that the purpose the Lord placed within my heart for this blog is to bring a fresh word of encouragement and draw us into a deeper walk with Him so I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone and out on a limb here but I feel so strongly about this that I just had to write this post.

At first, I was just flabbergasted and then that transformed into anger and I wanted to curse Larry David and send him to "h" - Hey, I'm human - I mean I'm just being honest here people - you just can't get a way with attacking my Jesus ............ He died for me and set my wounded broken heart free and made a way for me to be in right standing with the Father!!

BUT, as I sat here in front of my MAC  - I paused just watching the flashing cursor and awaiting the perfect vicious wording to attack this pathetic comedian and HBO once again.  And then it happened, my gaze refocused on the picture above and as I did so my heart began to soften and my emotions of rage were subdued by His eyes ..... those precious eyes of Jesus looking into the face of Larry David!  I melted (understatement), my heart softened, emotions no longer inspired by rage and disgust, but emotions touched by the Love of the One who loves Larry David just as much as He Love you and me!!

As an American my heart weeps about the distance we've placed between our land and God.  The callous flippant depths America has plunged away from the one and true Living God is staggering!!   What's happened to us!!!!!  I truly believe we're a nation that's in a state of slumber and it's within those shadowy moments, days, years and decades of slumber that the enemy has methodically obtained an "all access pass"with the sole purpose of "de-valuing" what made this nation so valuable - One Nation Under God!

I realize my statements above regarding America are not new or full of "fresh" insight but it's stirring within my heart this morning with overwhelming force.  We, as Americans, we as the Body of Christ must PRAY for AN AWAKENING to a supernatural move of the Spirit of God like never witnessed before!! The prayers of our forefathers that covered this land are still hovering over this great nation - God hasn't forgotten them or the plan He has for us and the foundation stones of faith in the One true and Living God are still here!  Wake Up America, Wake Up Body of Christ and call upon His Mercy and Grace for our homeland - There is nothing too difficult for Him (Jeremiah 32:17)!

Oh, and as for Larry David.......As I look at the photo above my heart is stirred with similarities of Saul beholding Jesus on the Damascus Road (Acts 9:1-22).  It was in the midst of Sauls persecution of Christians and Jesus that he had a Divine Encounter  and the scales were removed from his eyes and he beheld Jesus the Savior for the first time and he became a new man! " Larry, I'm praying for a Divine encounter that sooo touches your heart that you bow before Jesus and proclaim "Yes Lord, once I was blind now I can see - You and You alone are my Lord and Savior!!!"

So there, I completed the assignment placed upon my heart - I feel refreshed.........I went out on a limb with Jesus and it's all good!

Sweet Blessings!
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Marsha said...

Hi Jackie! This is my first time here. I came by to say hi and thank you for stopping by my blog today. WoW! Was I ever blessed by this post! And convicted, too.

Like you, I really didn't take kindly to what Larry David and HBO did. It was appalling to me. Thank you for turning that around and seeing Larry David through His eyes.

LisaShaw said...


I understand all the range of emotions and thoughts you expressed FULLY.

Often what the LORD does with me is remind me He doesn't need me to defend HIM. He needs me to PRAY and to speak what He gives me to speak or write etc. He'll take care of the rest.

Blessings and love fellow FoxNewsGirl!

Meli n Pat said...

Yes, I'm often moved to sadness and fear for those who challenge the Oneness of God. If they choose this path and refuse God's offer of true life, they are to be pitied. They have no idea the torment that awaits them. God will not be mocked. Good post!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This sickens me as well; but then you drew me back to the eyes of Jesus, and well, I'm reminded that his grace doesn't play favorites.

A tough pill to swallow on this one, but I'm tendered by your heart and your willingness to defend our Jesus in kindness.

Keep to it.


Edie said...

This was a fabulous post Jackie! I went through all the same emotions you did and the softening as well. We must be careful to only soften to the sinner not the sinners actions as you stated so very well here.

You are off to a great blogging beginning my friend!

Much love to you!

Haha - I just read Lisa's "fellow FoxNewsGirl". You can add me to that list too. :)

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

Jackie, Way to BE BOLD! Way to step up and take a stand -- with love at the core of your concerns.

So, so glad to have "met" you here.

Blessings, sister ....

Saleslady371 said...

I felt just like you when I read this; my computer home page is set to Fox News. My first thought was "if this was done concerning Alah, he'd be dealt with severly." The Muslims are so easily offended. I think we are going to see a lot more persecution of Christians and agree that we need to pray for our nation.


http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Hi Jackie:
I just visited your page today and agree completely. And your first reaction was probably like most of ours, reminded me of Peter! "I'll just cut off the guys ear!"... All the outrage rushes up, and then... He reminds me that those are the very ones He came for, and I was just as lost until I knew Him. Thanks for the honest sharing.

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