WELCOME!  I'm so honored to have you stop by and hope you'll visit often.  My heart's passion is to grow closer to the heart of God and share this amazing journey together with you!  The purpose of this blog is to stir within your heart the deep passionate desire to seek to KNOW Him MORE and daily experience His Presence, Faithfulness, Peace, Love, Grace and Power as He draws you unto His Heart!  Together we will journey through the everyday "stuff of life" with it's ups and downs and receive encouragement and strength from Him and a fresh anointing to boldly rise up and go forth as mighty sons and daughters of the Most High God!  Every moment of everyday He's drawing us to that place - that secret place within His Heart that He's reserved just for you and just for me.  It's in that secret place He will settle us with His love, encourage us with His promises, and strengthen and empower us to victoriously rise above the stresses and messes of everyday life!

You ask "why Fresh Oil Today"?   The Word of God declares........

"I shall be anointed with fresh oil".
Psalm 92:10b

I love that!  As believers, we don't have to live in yesterday's anointing. Today...this day....as we steadfastly look to Him, He will abundantly pour His fresh anointing upon us!  Our God is all about "fresh and new" - no yesterday's "leftovers".  Each day we'll discover a new day filled with new mercy, new encouragement, new direction, new hope and strength and a fresh new anointing as we seek Him and His presence!

Let's take a look at Psalm 92:10b once again and dig a little deeper and learn what this scripture really means for you and I...

The Hebrew word for anoint "balal" means

   to be poured over
   to smear
   to flow
(Get the picture! This is no "little dab'll do ya" - His fresh oil anointing is poured, smeared and flowing into and over our lives!)

The Hebrew word for fresh "ra'anan" means

   luxuriant - rich and profuse in growth
   green and flourishing

The Hebrew word for oil "shemen" means

   become fat - rich and fertile

Wow!  As we daily seek Him, He will abundantly pour upon us newness and rich growth and we will become flourishing, richly perfumed, fruitful and fat!  Let's take this one step further - The Hebrew word for flourish "parach" means to break-forth, breakout, as a bud, bloom, to spread to fly as extending wings, spring up!  I don't know about you, but I NEED His fresh oil anointing, every moment of everyday!  In light of the uncertain times we are living in, oh how we need to run into His presence and receive His unfailing love and protection, comfort and fresh oil anointing!

He longs to pour the fullness of His anointing upon His children - And the results?  We will flow into His rich fruitful, always new and fresh anointing and break forth, extend our wings, spring up and soar with Him!  Glory!!

The deepest part of His Heart is calling to the depths of our heart - it's time to launch into the Deep!!

He is Faithful!

Sweet Blessings! 
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