January 3, 2010

Still Celebrating His B-Day!!

Well, it's January 3, 2010 and yippee, I just finished baking another batch of Christmas cookies! Christmas '09 wasn't Christmas as usual around our house. As many of you know on December 5th our daughter Katie became gravely ill and I dropped everything to be by her side and rejoiced as the Lord miraculously healed her!!! Praise the Lord Forever more!!! After staying with her in Florida for several weeks, I flew back home to AZ and decorated a bit, shopped, had a whirlwind Christmas with my kids and mom on December 19th and then my husband and I flew back to Florida the next day to celebrate Christmas with Katie and her husband who was on leave from the military and returned to AZ on New Years Eve......Whew!!!

Now, I LOVE Christmas and LOVE decorating for Christmas and even though my kids are grown and have homes of their own, I LOVE all the wonder of lights on the tree, garland on the mantel, Nativity scene lit by candle light and scented candles aglow all throughout my home. This year in all the miraculous whirlwind I missed that! So, as we drove home from the airport my husband and I decided to celebrate Jesus' birthday all New Years weekend! I had allot of unfinished Christmas baking so I made our fav's - his sugar cookies and mine - oatmeal raisin with walnuts. I had a fabulous cranberry cheese ball in the fridge and plenty of other uneaten Christmas goodies in the pantry so we poured a bottle of Christmas sparkling apple cider and piled our Christmas plates with plenty-0-goodies and munched all evening while watching football and most importantly reminding each other of how good God is!!!

All weekend I've kinda felt childish to be so giddy about celebrating His birthday in such an out of ordinary way. Maybe it's somewhat due to the emotional roller coaster I've experienced this December, but whatever it is has kinda reminded me of how a child overflows with glee at a birthday party, just enjoying the freedom of being a child and joyously anticipating all the fun!! I mean, if ever there was a birthday to bust out and freely express such indescribable delight it's Jesus' birthday! He came to redeem a dying world and bring life and freedom to all who would believe on Him!! Can you say Hallelujah ya'll!! Ancient scholars say that when the angels heralded His birth in Luke 2:13-14 that it is believed that literally thousands and thousands of angels filled the night sky in heavenly celebration of His birth. Just  pause and think about that ~ The same night sky that you gaze upon from your front porch suddenly rolling back and being filled with such an angelic party of divine celebration of Jesus' arrival on earth!! I can only imagine it!! Oh how glorious, oh how wonderful, it makes me want to shout, run, dance and rejoice!!! Wow!!!

So, as I put the leftover goodies away, loaded the dishwasher, blew out my Christmas candles and turned off the Christmas tree lights until next year, I was filled with glee about my Jesus! Oh, how wonderful and faithful You are my Mighty Lord and Savior!!  I will celebrate You now and for all eternity!!

I close this Christmas '09 post with a video I ran across this afternoon. It's a little edgy, but I love it! It's from a recent Christian youth group Christmas party and is geared to their generation and totally rocks!!! (Hey, I would have loved to be  one of the dancing and praising angels!!).

Shout praises to the Lord,
everyone on this earth.
Be joyful and sing as you come in to worship the Lord!
Psalm 100:1-2

Happy New Year and Praising Him Everyday in 2010!

Sweet Blessing!

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RCUBEs said...

I think it's worth celebrating His bday not only on Dec. but every day of the year! I'm having trouble viewing that video so maybe I'll try later. So glad for the miracle the Lord had granted you in '09. He is good. All the time. BTW, those cookies looked so yummy! May God bless you and protect you.

Debbie said...

I think this was a wonderful idea and I am soo glad you got that extra time with your hubby to celebrate. I know what you mean. It's hard to feel the holiday is complete when all the "traditional" stuff you do, doesn't get done. Rspecially baking, haha I praise God with you that your daughter was OK. Have a great day! Blessings, Debbie

Denise said...

Hey me too.......... I plan on being a dancing saint! I even have the red tambourine!.. I love how you came home and celebrated.. Everyday is a celebration of the Christ!

Denise said...

I loved it , just loved it.. Made me dance! Rejoice for thy light has come!

Andrea said...


What a beautiful post from a beautiful heart! I love it. You did not allow life's distractions from allowing you to celebrate the birth of your Savior! I praise GOD with you for all HE is and all HE will be in and through each of our lives.

Blessings and hugs,

Beth Herring said...

I love the notion of us celebrating His birth every day of the year!

From the Heart said...

I have had your daughter's Prayer Button on my Blog every since Edie made it and have prayed for everyone in that last almost everyday. Today I decdided to start finding out how these people are doing. Yours is the second blog I've been to and I am praising God along with you for your daughter's miraculous healing.
It is such a glorious feeling to take a button off because of a healing.

In 1999 after having neck surgery I was given a drug that stopped me from breathing, but God wasn't through with me and brought me back. Again in 2007 I had back surgery and was given the same drug. I'm told my breathing stopped and my lips started turning blue. Once again God spared my life. Each time He has given me something to do for Him which I thought I could ever do.

To God be the glory for your daughter's healing.

christy rose said...

Celebrating Jesus and His birth every day of the year is a great idea.
I am so excited about your testimony of your daughter's recovery. God is good!! So good!!!

Karen said...

Amen...it should be a celebration all year long...love your perspective on this...

The video was great! Can't believe I missed that one last month...so joyful and praise filled!

Shirley said...

To God be the glory for the healing of your daughter. I am so thankful! Your post is beautiful, you are truly blessed to express your heart! Have a wonderful New Year! (the cookies look delicious)

Deborah Ann said...

Sounds like you had yourself a heavenly Christmas and New Year! And last minute at that. You probably got more stuff done in a few days than it would take me to do in six months.

Blessings my dear friend!

Nana Jul said...

I couldn't even fathom the angel scene! WOW...Imagine being the shephards, How could you not go looking for Jesus?!!!
Celebrating Jesus...everyday with you!! Praise God for the marvelous works He did in Katie's miracle!!
Holy Awesomeness!

Mindy said...

What a faith-filled post!! I "happened" upon your blog...and what an absolute delight it has been to read thru each post! Praise the Lord Jesus!! I rejoice with you in the healing of your daughter!! God's abundant blessings to you and yours,

Teresa said...

This is so awesome..I am praising God with you regarding your daughter as well!! Wow!! I also love what you wrote, "The same night sky that you gaze upon from your front porch suddenly rolling back and being filled with such an angelic party of divine celebration of Jesus' arrival on earth!!" Thank you for writing this post..and I love the video...so hilariously cute!

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