March 4, 2010


For I the Lord your God
will hold your right hand.
I am the Lord
Who says to you, fear not,
Isaiah 41:13
(emphasis added)

I dragged myself out of bed that workday morning already in tears and emotions cratering even before my feet touched the floor.  As I stood before the mirror readying myself for work my continual heart cry once again erupted from my battle weary soul, "when is my breakthrough coming, Lord?"  How much, longer until I see light at the end of this long dark tunnel? I'm not living in the promised land You've confirmed to me over and over again through gentle confirming Holy Spirit whispers, Your written Word, anointed preaching and teaching and even "right-on" prophetic words!"  When God when!!  I'm feeling really alone....haven't You noticed, Lord?!!

I was numb that day.  I know that He is Faithful.  I know and have witnessed His delivering, restoring power in my life.  But, that wilderness season, barren season, desert season or whatever you want to call it season seemed endless.  I was in a place I didn't want to be, ministry put on hold, finances in limbo, and at a job I couldn't stand with people so ungodly that my drive into work each day was a spiritual warfare road trip.  I was miserable......I was with "Leah" and heartsick for my promised "Rachel" season (Genesis 29).  When would I see my promise!!??  Every thing in my life was in full reverse seemingly going farther and farther away from the plans and purposes He put in my heart!  My life was a complete contradiction to the promises He had given me!!!

That particular morning, I quickly downed a cup of coffee and grabbed my Joyce Meyer "Starting Your Day Right" devotional.  Even if my time was brief in His Presence, I knew a few moments with Him and His Word would infuse His strength, encouragement and hope to walk this journey one more day!

I flipped through the devotional with no particular date in mind and stopped upon the page below.  The moment my eyes fell upon the scripture and continued on to "The Lord says to you this morning", the Holy Spirit quickened within my heart and I KNEW this was a "Thus saith the Lord" word for me!  Hallelujah!!  I was prompted by the Spirit to copy that page and carry it with me everywhere I went.   I tucked that precious Word from Heaven in my purse and carried it at all times.  There were days when things were really rough and I'd pull it out and hold it in my lap under my desk and renew my heart and mind with those powerfully precious anointed Words!  As I'm typing this I recall times when I'd slip to the restroom and stand in the stall and re-read and pray those promised Words!  Oh, what one Word from His Heart will do to a sinking, weary heart!!  A moment by moment fresh breath from Heaven to continue the journey!!

I still have that tattered dog-eared copy of that morning's devotional.  I haven't read it in several years but ran across it a few days ago and have been meditating upon His faithfulness and goodness to fulfill His promises and bring us through and out of our barren, desert places to our place of victory and purpose!  He's with us through every season!!

I pray that the words of this devotional minister to your heart.  If you're in a wilderness season right now, don't loose heart.  Run into His presence, rest upon His shoulders, press in and press on holding tight upon His promises and know that He's holding your hand and bringing you into your place of fulfillment,  promise and purpose!

Because this tattered page is so special to me I scanned it for you to read.  That little page with the penned Words from Heaven held me steady and helped lead me to my promised land of that season.  I pray that it will encourage and spur you on - He is Faithful who hath promised!!

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By His strength, we will finish strong!!!

Love and Sweet Blessings!
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Debbie said...

This was sooo good and I needed it sooo bad this morning. I believe the Lord had you post just for me...I tried to copy it so I could run off a copy for me but for some reason it wasn't working. Thank you soo much for this. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Debbie

Sheryl said...

you posted this just for me, didn't you??

thank you and i love you.

Saleslady371 said...

I've been seeking the Lord for encouragement "while in the storm" hoping someone would open their diary and share the journey of faith and not just the victory. I know the victory will can it not with Jesus? But is lonely and weary at times. Thank you, Jackie, for your enduring heart and I have to tell ya...the love of the Lord just oozes from your writing. I love Him, too, and so appreciate your friendship.

Fabulously Chaotic said...

I love your blog. It is so beautiful. Thank you for visiting me. I am now following you.

Nana Jul said...

Yes He will! He WILL help us! All the way through!
He is so Faithful...
Thank you Jesus!

Tammy said...

It hard waiting on the Lord at times. There are times when I feel like "God, are you there?"

This really spoke to me.

Thanks for the visit!

RCUBEs said...

Hi sister Jackie! I have been busy and had not have any time to visit friends. I'm glad I'm able to come tonight and read this very encouraging post. I always play that verse in my mind "no weapons formed against you shall prosper" especially before I go to work. Like you, I'm dreading sometimes to go there because the battle is intense. But like what the devotional said...we must remain trusting in Him no matter what the news come our way.

May the Lord bless you and His guidance, protection, comfort and grace cover you. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Bless you Jackie for sharing that today. I too have been on the road looking for the "promise land". God is so amazing and the way HE provides is beyond me. I am so thankful that God has HIS Great HANDS on us.
I love the promise of "no weapons formed against you will prosper". If God be for us then who could be against us?
Also wanted you to know I am praying for your mom. My heart tells me . . . as you have said . . . she is getting close to going HOME. My mother went through similar things; dreaming of others that are with the Lord. Listen my friend . . . just encourage her to let go. I know it will be hard for you, as it was for me. Sometimes when a love one knows that the one left here on Earth is OK with them leaving . . . they may let go. Rest knowing she is headed to the Saviour and you will see her again. If you need me please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I believe you have my e-mail address. Also wanted you to know I am following Fresh Oil because I know God is at each post.
Your sister in Christ,

Beth Herring said...

We serve a loving and a faithful God.

Thank you for this today!

God Whispers In The Wind said...

Jackie, I so needed to read the promises to God. As I journey on, I need Him more and more and I need to trust Him as I wait. NOT EASY! Thank you for sharing dear.

Nicole said...

Wow! I read this devotional book every morning and her Ending your day right every night that I can! Sometimes on days like today those devotional scriptures inspire my blog postings. I am so blessed because I know that this is a confirmation to me concerning the Word that God has given me too! I am so happy to read such awesome encouraging blogs. God is truly giving an on time Word of God to many as we encourage each other and minister from God's heart through writing.

Angela said...

Girl, I got that same

when is my breakthrough coming, Lord?" How much, longer until I see light at the end of this long dark tunnel?

Oh my, those words you spoke has been a cry of mine at times these last 18 months my family and I have been facing storms in our lives.

YES I was encouraged...and yes,,HE HAS PROMISED..Jeremiah 29:11

Cathy said...

Such true words. Thank you for sharing.

Farming On Faith said...

Thank you for stopping by ~you have a lovely blog. I am going to look around.
Blessings from Missouri

Joyfulsister said...

Amen Sister,
I seem to have been going through those desert and wilderness days. I also read the Joyce Meyers Devotional that you do and it has been a blessing in my life. I am always reminded that the Lord still allows springs of living cool water to still seep through even in those days. He sends his Holy Spirit to refresh us and quench that dryness in our spirits.

Love this post.

Hugz Lorie

Sue said...

Hi Jackie,
So nice to meet you , What a powerful and inspiring post you have written. I know exactly what you are talking about, as I have just come from a very long and trying time. But through it all God's faithfulness remained.
Thank you for coming by and for your kind words, and thank you for signing up as a follower.
You have a beautiful and inspiring blog, I am so glad to have found you.
Blessings and Hugs,

Leaon Mary said...

It's for me too Jackie!
I'm so glad you shared this today.

Blessed weekend to you Sister!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie. I know what it feels to be in the wilderness even though in your heart, you still hold his promise. You see, I am just about to enter into my inheritance (in a physical sense) but it couldn't have been possible without those desert, dry and teary wilderness season. HE IS FAIFHFUL, HE THAT PROMISED!

Blessings to you and thank you for encouraging us,


Rose said...

Jackie, isn't it amazing how we can look back at some of the darkest moments of our lives and say, God was there all along even if maybe at the time we didn't see it.
Praise God for being faithful! Hugs to you Jackie, you are such a treasure!

Crown of Beauty said...

Amazing, the word that spoke to you many seasons ago still speaks to us today! It did wonders to my heart, just reading (and hearing!) those words of promise.

Thank you for sharing. It has a timeless quality to it...

Fresh oil for today.


Debbie Petras said...

This was a good reminder for me Jackie. Thank you for posting it. I have been focusing on praying the names of God and El Roi (the God who sees) is my focus this week. He sees all and knows all that goes on in our lives. And He will never leave us or forsake us no matter how we feel.

Blessings and love,

Diana Ferguson said...

Great post! Blessings to you....

Come see me soon.

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

You really spoke words to my heart. Very true!


Deborah Ann said...

That's beautiful, Jackie. I'm taking that as a word for me, too. I know that even in our pits of despair, God is lovingly hovering over us...

Karen said...

Amen! Love these verses from Isaiah...and this phrase touched my heart...

"A moment by moment fresh breath from Heaven"

Thanks for the blessing!

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