June 24, 2010

The latest on Anne Marie......

May 2012....Continuation of oral chemo possible for the rest of her life.  As shared in May 2011, would appreciate your prayers for Anne Marie.  These drugs are very powerful and can have adverse effects on her heart.  We are believeing for her complete recovery, In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

May 2011.....Good report, PTL....no obvious signs of cancer.  Her protocol until further notice will be a regimen of oral chemo....possibly for the rest of her life.  Please keep her in your prayers as these drugs are very powerful and can be harmful to her heart.  We continue to believe that there are no adverse side effects and will do her body good and no harm!!!  By His Stripes, Anne Marie is healed!

February 2011......Continuation of chemo

January 2011....Meeting with oncologists for scheduling of next course of treatments.

10/15/2010.....UPDATE:  Anne Marie completed her first found of chemo recently and is having a complete hysterectomy this morning.  Believing that her surgery goes well and she regains her strength quickly.  Unsure at this time of what next step in her cancer treatment protocol will be.  I will post updates as we learn more.  Surgery went well and Anne Marie's on the mend.  Believing for good reports in the Mighty Name of Jesus! 

Thank you dear friends for your prayer!  We are believing for a miracle full recovery for Anne Marie, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

7/16/2010.....(click here for update) 

7/08/2010......UPDATE:  Anne Marie begins chemo today.  Please join with us as we pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the Hand of the Lord be upon her as her treatments begin.  We're believing for no adverse side affects and that her treatments do her body good and no harm, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Thank you dear friends for standing with Anne Marie in prayer.  We serve a miracle working God......He is Faithful!!

Hey ya'll...

First,  I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your prayer support since I posted an urgent prayer request for my niece, Anne Marie, last week.  Your outpouring of prayer, scriptures and words of encouragement have certainly been felt and keep us focused on the greatness of our God in the midst of the storm.   My sis' voice and heart lift each time I share one of your "filled with faith" comments.  As you can certainly imagine, her heart and emotions are really hurting right now because when your children are in danger or crisis, it hurts!  Dear friends, you have no idea how the words and prayers of you "on-line" prayer warrior's minister to those who are weary and distressed!  Oh, what an army He's raising up on the internet!!!  Glory to God!!

Before I share the latest update, I want to make it perfectly clear that we are standing upon the PROMISES OF GOD and the BLOOD COVENANT OF HEALING for Anne Marie.  We are aligning our words and prayers with what HIS WORD declares......TOTAL and complete healing and wholeness, spirit, soul and body! Every stripe layed upon Jesus' back and every wound and drop of blood spilled at Calvary redeemed every believer from sickness and disease! BUT we must layhold of what's ours, in the Mighty Name of Jesus and remain steadfast and trust in Him, His word and His faithfulness until the manifestation comes!  WE ARE CHOOSING TO BELIEVE THE REPORT OF THE LORD....ANNE MARIE IS THE HEALED OF THE LORD!!

In my last update I shared that Anne Marie was to have a PET scan and she and her husband Mark would be meeting with her doctor for the results. They met with her oncologist Tuesday and without going into the all the details, were told that the test reports showed that it had spread to her lung and other parts of her body. She will undergo surgery and begin treatments right away.   I reiterate here....with full respect of her wonderful doctor (a Christian) and the medical community (and I do believe in doctors and believe God uses them) - that was their report.  BUT, we are standing in faith believing upon HIS REPORT and the miracle working power of His Spirit......"BY HIS STRIPES, ANNE MARIE IS HEALED"!  She will live and not die and be satisfied with long life and proclaim the goodness of God!  She will be a wife  and mother to Mark and Joshua THROUGH old age.  SHE WILL RUN HER RACE AND COMPLETE HER COURSE.....Anne Marie's latter will be greater than the former!!! No weapons formed against Anne Marie will prosper....In Jesus Name!  She is a Blood bought child of the King!!

We covet your prayers of agreement and standing with Anne Marie. There's a battle waging.  The enemy knows that if he can discourage and bring thoughts of fear and defeat it may weary and weaken our diligent stance of faith.  We must stand side by side one another in the heat of the battle and lift and support weary arms until the manifestation of victory breaks through knowing that He is our Mighty God, Mighty Warrior and the lifter of our heads.....HE WATCHES OVER HIS WORD TO PERFORM IT....HE IS FAITHFUL!!

I love and appreciate each of you and count it an honor to stand side by side with you as well, dear friends.

I'll keep you posted.....

Luv, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

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BARBIE said...

Standing with you for complete healing in Jesus' Name!

Pat@deepintheheart said...

Continuing to pray for Anne Marie's total healing!

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

Saleslady371 said...

Jackie, please tell Anne Marie's mom that I pray for her daughter every single day and I love the scriptures you quoted. I am standing with you for her and will print out these scriptures claiming them every day!

Love you and please know you and your kids are on my prayer list.

Sandy said...

Praying and declaring the Word
and pleading the blood for a
complete healing in the Name
of Jesus!
Love in Jesus,

SusanD said...

Jackie, Standing in agreement with you in this battle. Cancer is so limited IT CANNOT SHATTER HOPE. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:15. Blessings, SusanD

Butterfly Works said...

I pray she will be healed so that she can give the honor and glory to God and that many will come to know Jesus as the result of her healing...
Hugs and blessings

Patty said...

I set myself in agreement with you and thank God for His miracle in Ann Marie's life!

Whidbey Woman said...

HOPE. That is what has sustained us on my husband's journey with cancer. We cling to the promises of God. May His peace be wtih all of you.

Anonymous said...

To HIS honor and glory - we stand in the gap and in agreement with you, proclaiming God's COMPLETE healing for Anne Marie. May the Doctors, Nurses, Aides, Technicians all stand in amazement and say, "Look what the Lord has done!"

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for making me aware of this prayer need. I stand with you, claiming GODS promises! Only GOD knows every intimate detail of our lives and how things will work out in the end.
Thank you also for always being there for me. Things are still crazy here. Please keep me posted. If I do not get by, please let me know there is an update or another need. I am trying to "get it all done" but struggling to keep up, lately.
Hugs, love, and LOTS of prayers,

Kathleen said...

This made me think of another family, and another faith-filled expectancy for healing. My friend's daughter has been battling brain cancer for many years, and she & all who love her are waiting patiently for a promised healing.

Here's her blog: http://angelasnotsoboringlife.blogspot.com/

It might just be a comfort & encouragement to your niece.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I met your sister tonight; she sought me out at a clergy picnic. Small world that we would wind up in the same UM district. I feel so blessed to have met her, and she mentioned her daughter was home because of medical reasons. I had no idea, nor did I explore the topic.

I have her number now, and we'll get together soon! She's also very near to where my college son attends school. I feel so blessed to have made this connection.

Small world; big God.

Blessings, sweet friend. I sent you a picture via e-mail!


http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...


So glad for the update. I will continue to pray for Anne Marie and for her family. God knows all the needs, He's never lost sight of her, since the day His thoughts formed her. We will continue to trust His healing hand and heart on her behalf... the great physician!



Edie said...

I just now saw this Jackie. I'm praying for Anne Marie with you!

Love and Hugs!

Skoots1moM said...

sending prayers...God IS the great physician and He is in control ;)

Beth Herring said...

Jackie- I am so sorry that I haven't been around lately! After the birth of my newest grandyoungin, I have been busy...

I am praying for Anne Marie! and I will be adding her to my prayer blog tonight. I have had bad internet problems, but I will get on after church and get her on there.

Believing that God can do what He says He can do!

Andrea said...

Standing with you in agreement for your niece's healing.


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