September 10, 2010

Wake Up, America!

Hey, Sweet Friends.....This post is lengthy, but I humbly ask that you take a few minutes and stick with me to the end.  It's something the Lord has really put on my heart.....Bless you!

Grief has shrouded my heart in recent days for my beloved America, my friends.  As the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks approaches, the pain within my grieving heart resurfaces once again like poking at a slowly healing wound.  The memories and images of that fateful day replay within my mind and heart and  the reality of that grave day still makes me gasp, my stomach turn, and my heart weep. Who could ever forget the moment that you learned of the attack upon American soil and the loss of thousands of innocent American lives in one dreadful, hate-filled, calculated and diabolical act.  I'll never forget that day.  And I pray that every American, young and old, will NEVER forget that day either! 

I must share a dream I had just a few days prior to Sept. 11, 2001 that shook me to the core.  Our wedding anniversary is Sept 4th and a few days later my husband and I were able to take a few days off and steal away to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon to celebrate.  I love the Grand Canyon. The grandeur of Gods handiwork and the peace I find there always draws me closer to Him and deeper into His Presence.  The Canyon is just one of those special places where my heart sings and I feel such freedom in the Spirit.  He faithfully meets me there and imparts encouragement, fresh insight and direction and I depart with "new wings" and fresh vision.  After spending a glorious day at the Canyon, we returned to Flagstaff for the night.  The crisp Fall air was wonderful and we welcomed sitting before the fireplace in our hotel suite and talk of our beautiful day and  reminisce about our then twenty five year journey.  I am truely blessed to be traveling lifes adventures with my best friend!

Little did I know that a few hours later while sound asleep, the Lord would give me a dream.....a dream that was so real that even as I'm sharing it with you now, I can "see" it and "feel" it as if I had just awakened from that dream.   Since childhood I've always had vivid, full color HD dreams and later realized as I grew in the Lord that some of my dreams are inspired by the Heart of God.  I humbly share this with you because it is He that gives me the dreams and the Holy Spirit who ministers to me understanding in a measure for a reason and a purpose.  Sometimes they are dreams that minister encouragement or confirm something that I've been praying about or for someone else.  Sometimes they are of a prophetic nature and alert me to pray purposefully about a particular future event or happening.  I don't have them often, but when I do, I pray over them and take them very seriously!

As I lay peacefully asleep that Sept. 2001 evening, a prophetic dream from the Lord flooded my being! It was as if I was suddenly catapulted into the most horrific scene imaginable...I HEARD the most gut wrenching sounds of catastrophic explosions in such ear piercing proportions the likes I've never heard before........metal screeching, groaning, bending, popping, crumbling, collapsing........debris flying everywhere......the screams, the horrible screams and groanings of human beings being caught in the moment of dire sheer terror.......cries for help, death apparent....  bodies plummeting out of buildings and hurling downward to their ash covered demise.......smoke, thick, hot, putrid smoke....there seemed to be no end to the chaos and weeping and death......I woke out of the dream screaming from the top of my lungs and sat straight up in bed, my heart racing, drenched in sweat, unable to catch my breath and frantically screaming to my husband with halted breaths "we've got to get out, we've got to get out of the building"....."it's exploding....we have to get out"! It was as if I could "feel" the concussion of the horrible rumblings and shaking throbbing against my body even as I awakened! As my husband held me and comforted me, I realized that I had witnessed in my dream the most horrific was real....very real!  We prayed together and then the only way I could describe it to him was that it was like the Oklahoma City bombing.....It was the only thing in the natural to which I could relate the sudden devestation, horror and death......over and over I told him that I saw buildings exploding like the Oklahoma City bombing.   
Oklahoma City bombing - photo credit

I sat alone in the dark in the living room of our suite and cried out to God about what I had just witnessed in that dream......It was real, it was scarry, but I knew it was from God.  I didn't know exactly how to pray, so for the days afterward I pondered what the Lord had shown me in the dream and prayed in the Spirit.  I can't begin to tell you of the shock and grief that flooded my being as I picked up the phone a few days later on the morning of September 11, 2001 and heard my mama screaming those horrible words.....wake up! wake up! get up! get up!....we're under attack! we're under attack!

I sat in stunned silence as I watched on my TV screen what I'd witnessed in a dream just a few nights earlier.  I wept before God and didn't understand why He'd give me such a weighty dream.  I sought  
Sept. 11, 2001 attack - photo credit
Him for answers and insight about all of this and He lovingly
spoke within my Spirit some time later these words...."I'm heightening your sensitivity to pray and next time you'll be in tune and fully awake and aware of future events and will know when and how to pray".

I must be honest with you - when He spoke "next time", my heart staggered a bit.  But then I meditated upon the tone in which He spoke.  It was with love, comfort and peace.  He knows what our "next" is and He's already preparing and moving upon the hearts of those who are willing and longing to become increasingly sensitive to His ways and the moves of the Spirit and will heed the call to intercede and cover  our beloved America with prayer.  I also honed in upon His words "in tune" and "fully awake".  He's calling us to be in tune with Him like a priceless finely tuned instrument that responds to just the slightest touch of the Master's hand.  Fully awake with our spiritual "eyes" wide open and "ears" listening as we pray and seek His face for the healing, safety, protection and freedom for our families and our America.  He loves America and is calling the people of this great land to WAKE-UP!.....WAKE-UP, ARISE FROM OUR SLUMBER and return to the God of our forefathers and seek after Him and His ways!!

I've recently added a tab on my blog "Prayer for America".  I penned this prayer from my heart and invite you to pray along with me or pray as you feel led.......The point here is that we are living in very precarious and ominous times and we must WAKE-UP to the One and True Living God and cover our land with prayer that brings change, real change.  Not change devised by the purposes and heart of man, BUT  true and lasting change brought forth by the heart and hand of God!!  The time is now!! Before the "next"!


Photo credit

Psalm 33:12

Let us cover our beloved nation in prayer together!!

Lord, we come before your Throne of Grace this day on behalf of our beloved America and praise and thank You for the way You moved upon the hearts of the founders of this Nation to create such a blessed land.  Our hearts are heavy, however, for a nation that is turning away from You and the godly principles from which America was birthed in the name of political correctness, tolerance, religious freedom and humanism.  Oh Lord, we ask that You once again show Yourself as the Rock and Redeemer, Fortress and Defense of the American people and create within our hearts a deep burning hunger for You and Your righteousness.  We ask for a mighty outpouring of your Holy Spirit upon America and may a revival of Truth burst forth from coast to coast and boarder to boarder.....from the highest governmental office to each and every neighborhood and home within this great land.  We repent for our wrong doings and sins of indifference to You and Your ways, Oh God, and ask for a wondrous manifestation of your presence in such a way that no one could deny that it was You who interceded for us and moved on our behalf.  May the strongholds and strategies of the enemies of this nation be exposed and destroyed and Your Word of Truth keep America safe and free!  And may America once again thrive in her God given destiny and purpose as a shining light upon a hill founded upon the principles of the One and True Living God and boldly proclaim that she is.....


We humbly ask these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus
 and to You be all the Glory!


Abundant blessings,


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Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Wonderful prayer and message..yes, I belive God may have put that unAmerican man in the WH to have us finally WAKE UP....we have been complacent... WAY TOO LONG.
Nov. 2nd cannot come too soon....I will be praying each day for the "turn around" start..GOD is on our side.


rcubes said...

Sister Jackie, how do you explain to a very, very young child waking up to hearing such a horrific news? While my hubby was out riding in a train to go to his work which was quite far away? This is a good call sister...That as His followers, we must really be persistent with our prayers. It's sad to see where America is going now...Our leaders, even some of the pastors need prayer covering. I thank you for sharing this sensitive but timely message from the One Who knows it all...I prayed that prayer with you and yes, I will be praying incessantly with you by the Spirit. Glory be to the One Who guides us and loves us faithfully. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful. My Mom and I have started a prayer meeting. We are praying along with you. I, too, sense that we need to "wake up".


JBR said...

Right there with you. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Meli n Pat said...

That is a beautiful prayer. So perfect in the desires to create a burning passion for Truth! Thank you for sharing this today and for writing a powerful prayer. I think I may have to print it off for future use (with permission of course and I'll give you full credits!)
May we all who know Christ be the spark to start the fire of reform!

Anonymous said...

So glad that God still speaks to His people today in dreams and visions and in ways that we know that we know that He's wanting our attention.
Your cry is a watchman-cry. Not just for the country, but for God's people to wake up and stand for what we say we believe.

Krista said...

very god post. Yes, we have got to wake up and be ready to pray at any given time. what a wonderful experience and i am glad you shared it with all of us!


Nana Jul said...

WOW....The dream, Him Speaking. Thank you for your testimony..and prayer! I stand with you in prayer for our Nation and our people!

Cooking Up Faith said...

Just today I saw a bumper sticker that said God will bless America when America returns to God. A thought came to me that I wanted to try and get neighbors/friends/family together once a week/month to pray for our country. After reading your post, I'm going to really think about starting a prayer group for our country some more!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Amen! Chills ran up and down my spine as I read of your dream and things to come. Yes, America must wake up and draw close to God. Now, more than any other time in history we need to hold on to God and reach out with his message. God is good.

Ya'll have a terrific weekend filled with wonderful blessings from above.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Wow, you did have a prophetic dream..and yes we need to pray for America! I agree about the Grand Canyon and hope to go there someday

~Trina~ said...

Jackie, I've been away from the blogging world for a while and just dropped in on your blog this evening. Deeply, deeply touched by your post.

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

What a powerful post, Jackie! I am co-leading a Bible Study each Thursday and praying for our Nation is always on our list!


Saleslady371 said...

So glad you added the prayer after this amazing dream. I love to pray with you and feel the anointing and power. You are the second prophetic voice asking America to wake up and pray that I sense is urgent. I got a very serious email from Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs a few weeks ago saying the same. Thank you for sharing this today. I'm listening!


LisaShaw said...


As one who walks and lives in the URGENCY of PRAYER on many levels including for America I stand with you at the feet of Jesus.

Thank you for sharing your dream and all that is being spoken to your heart.

You said it all right here:

"...we must WAKE-UP to the One and True Living God and cover our land with prayer that brings change, real change. Not change devised by the purposes and heart of man, BUT true and lasting change brought forth by the heart and hand of God!! The time is now!! Before the "next"!"

Blessings to you! May we all arise, wake up and PRAY and I would add, read the WORD of GOD so that we will rightly divide the truth and not be swept away on the voices of the words of 'man'. The church must hear CHRIST not people.

You're a blessing! Love you.

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Hello Jackie,Your dream took you right into the horrrific for ecperienced all of it, so understood the full extent! I also am very spiritual although I have never experienced such as this. I get understandings and knowings. God bless you for sharing. God bless your prayer and loving kindness. It is wonderful to meet other Christian sisters on here. Hugs CML

Karen said...

Adding my amen to this powerful prayer....

Deborah Ann said...

I had a similar dream, Jackie. Only mine was after 9/11, but I was in New York at the time, and I had the feeling that more is coming. God is tuning in His people to pray for this country, of that I am sure...

kathy taylor said...

Wow, I had goose bumps reading your entry, Jackie. Amazing!

I love the creative ways God employs to speak to His children.

Thank you for remembering my mother in your prayers, and I am hoping to get an update about your mom. Jackie, we are trusting God to bring her through, and only He can do it.

I'm blessed to be near her, blessed to give back to her.

Blessings, dear one!

Crown of Beauty said...

I am praying with you, dear Jackie.

Your blog is full of fresh oil indeed. As I spent some time here this evening, my spirit was renewed and refreshed.

Praise God for your obedience.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Love, Anne x

Tonya said...


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