January 26, 2011


Hey ya'll!

Disclaimer:  If you are a blond or have ever been a blond, have a blond spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, relative, friend or even have a blond cat, dog or parakeet, please be advised that the following post is not intended to offend anyone who is remotely blond but is shared with the intent to give you a chuckle and a smile : )).  The blond in this post is my big sister, Diane, whom I hold in very high esteem.  She is very intelligent and highly educated with two masters degrees in education and has been in full time pastoral ministry for many years.  However, her blondness frequently emerges on the most unlikely occasions and places and she cracks me up when she shares her blond moments with me.  Thus, with my big sis' permission, I share with you her most recent blond experience in hopes that it will give you a smile and lift your heart and as my Sweet Mama always says, "Here's your laugh for the day".....

"The Blond and the Camo"

A blond (my big sis) was walking through Walmart and noticed a man dressed in camouflage  standing in the check out line.  The blond (my big sis) who has such a soft patriotic heart and always makes a point to express her gratitude and appreciation to military persons for their service wherever and whenever she encounters them (i.e. restaurants, church, grocery stores, sidewalks, movies, doctors offices, etc. etc. etc. ( I think you get the picture) halted her stride and headed over to the camouflage clad fellow and began to passionately thank him for his sacrifice and service to his country and for putting  his life on the line to protect and defend our freedoms throughout the world and then continued on to assure him that she would hold him in her prayers for protection everywhere he goes and for all that he does....this went on for several minutes.  As she was in mid passionate sentence...."thank you for all you do", the camo clad bewildered fellow sheepishly smiled at the blond (my big sis) and said..."uh, lady, I'm no soldier, I'm just going huntin'"!

The blond (my big sis) laughed at herself all the way home and later called me to share her blond/camouflage faux pas and we laughed till we cried (and boy did I need it)!  

I hope my big sis' blond moment gave you a laugh and a smile today, my friends. Laughter is gooood for the soul and lifts our heart! And we can never have too many laughs and smiles in our daily journey! 

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine...
Proverbs 17:22

Me and the blond (my big sis) Diane

Oh, and lastly, I just had to throw this in.....I will never think of camo the same again without cracking up!  I ran across this photo in google images and just had to share it with you and boy did I have another good laugh!  I mean really, who would wear a camo unbrella hat!! LOL!!  : ))......Wow am I cracking up typing this, ya'll!! : )))))

Love, Laughter and Abundant Blessings! : ))

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Sitting here laughing!! Too funny! Yes, I can say I am a blond...but with the help of my hairdresser!! Of course, when I was a toddler, my hair was blond....so does that mean I am a true blond?!?!?!

Loved this! Thanks for sharing!


Rose said...

I LOVE this. How funny. My little sister is "the blond" most jokes are about. Thanks for sharing this really funny story. I can't wait to tell my sis.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.... I too have a blond sister - I understand. **wink**
We're fond of saying, "Well...... bless her heart!" in my family. hee hee

Sandy said...

Ha! Thanks for such a good laugh!
Wish I could have seen that guy's
face--and your sister's!

Tammi said...

This was hilarious! I was just in walmart last night and saw several young people walking in to the store, camo-clad! Thanks for the laugh. It was much needed and even more so appreciated! :)
Hugs....and thank your big sis too!

christy rose said...

Oh my Goodness!! Too funny!! I am glad that she had a good laugh at herself too!! Thanks for sharing!! You are right, I do not think I will ever be able to look at camo again with thinking about your story. :)

Denise said...

You know, I think that those are the times that the Father God laughs out loud... The word tells us that we must become as a little child to enter into the gates of heaven.. The Father looks at us as children and we bring joy to his heart when out of innocence we bring laughter to HIM.

Out of a pure heart and eagerness to be thankful she responded....

How funny was this story and I wonder what kind of impression she left with that "hunter" Who knows, she may have touched his heart yet we will never know......

Kudos to your sister, it made me a bit humbled to know that I pass by soldiers every once in a while and say nothing. Maybe this post is for the ones like me that need to embrace her enthusiasm.

kathy taylor said...

We live in Cami Country. After I got out of the USAF, I wore my fatigue pants the way some people wear jeans. They were solid green, though. Your sister sounds wonderful, and your story makes me miss mine even though she's not blond. I needed a bite of humor today. Thanks, ya'll!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

heeehehehe!!!!! This is so something I would do and yes...I am blond!

Your sis sounds like someone I could bond with. :o)

Enjoy your day and may it be richly blessed!!!

Deborah Ann said...

Haha! That sounds like something I would do, and I am not (really) blonde.

Love the hat umbrella! I oughta get one of those for Aaron, he would love it...

Love ya!

Debbie said...

HAHA Now that was funny...oh my..I needed that. HUGS

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Love it! Bless her blond heart! I think I am still a blond, but no one really knows for sure, including me!! :)

Chatty Crone said...

Well what I take from this, besides homor, was what a great relationship you and your sister have. That's awesome. Thanks for the humor and the love.

I am your newest follower.

Love it.


Nene said...

That was so FUNNY!!! I loved this story. I would do the same too. I love meeting people and would always talk their ear off. LOL... I do have an idea for your sister (the blond) ;) I make aprons and have a business. I did a few Camo. Aprons. YES!! I will post them on my blog (just for you) Which by the way, Thank you so much for your kind note and visit today. You truly touched my heart with your encouragement. I hope you had a wonderful time at 'Hobby Lobby'. And I agree with you as I believe God allows me to find just the right Decor piece or anything to our hearts desire. :)

God Bless you my friend. Love, Nene

Kathleen said...

Oh goodness! I see a green crayon applied liberally all over this one!! (You don't suppose there's a camo-colored crayon, do you?).


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

This is funny, I really laughed. I do know guys who wear camo to go hunting. She is real nice to thank all the military!!!

Linda said...

So funny Jackie!! You really made me smile today.Thank you for sharing-I needed to laugh today!
Have a great day.
Blessings and hugs.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm sure she prayed for him anyway. I bet his hunting trip was successful! Very funny. Love your sis.


sandy said...

Love it! My husband also stops men in uniform to thank them for their service. I'll have to warn him about this. I don't think it's just a "blonde" thing! : )

Terri Tiffany said...

That is too funny!! LOL From where I came from, everyone wears camo as it is hunting territory. Your sister would be busy:)

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Jackie, this is so funny, thanks for sharing! I don't have a blond hair on my head (the only light colored ones are gray!) but I also try to "thank" the military personnel I see in public. I guess I better strike up a conversation first, huh? Your sister sounds like she's a hoot to be around and like she has a great heart too!
I also try to "thank" the oldest generation when I see the seniors with their ball caps that say "WWII" or "Korean War Vet" etc. I bet your sister does too!

Toia said...

I literally let out a big laugh!! That is too funny!! Thanks for sharing!! And I agree 100% that laughter is good for the soul!!!

Walk In Truth said...

This is a great story, very sweet and funny. I really like the picture of you and your sister.

God bless your day

Saleslady371 said...

This is a funny story, Jackie. Your sis sounds precious!

Did I tell you I'm going a shade darker next time????


Sharon said...

Stop it - my sides are aching with laughter!!

I'm a brunette, with a little sister who's blond. They march to a different tune sometimes, don't they? In just the BEST possible way!

Thanks for the gift of laughter tonight!


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I think your blonde sister just has a special heart. My hubby loves it when he is thanked for his service. No, he's not a hunter just an officer. LOL
The hunter was sweet to set your big sister straight.
Hey .... change of subject ... thought I heard your voice on a new commerical. Did you make a new one?
Born blonde blessings,

Karen said...

What a great story to share! You and your sis definitely share compassionate hearts and joyful spirits...thanks for spilling some over!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm visiting your blog today to return your visit at mine... and wow, did I have a big dose of laughter, encough to last me for several days! Your picture of you and your blond sister Diane is beautiful...

and hey, I really like the camo umbrella hat!

Have more days of laughter and fun... it is good medicine for the soul!


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