March 13, 2012


Hey Ya'll!

Today I'm joining the gals at Write it Girl and sharing a short story I wrote for 31 Days to Bcome a Better Writer.  Each daily challenge has proven to very informative, tremendously helpful and somewhat challenging and I'm loving it, ya'll!  And it's not too late to jump in....We're only on day 6 today!

Day 3 challenge was to write a story inspired by the picture below.  I pray you are blessed and encouraged as you read.....

His Precious Jewel

The loud intrusion of the Millerton Women's Detention Facility wake-up bell jared Francheska from her slumber.  It was just another lonely, hopeless day in the life of prison inmate #727.  Francheska slowly rubbed the sleep from her eyes and raised her weary body from her jail cell cot and wondered what her future held.  "Help me Lord, help me" she whispered from deep within.  Her sleepy glance fell upon the dog-eared and tear stained Bible that lay at her bedside.  A gentle smile broke upon her forlorn face as she recalled precious moments sitting with her Grandma Sissy and listening to her read the scripture and praying with her.  Grandma Sissy lovingly referred to Francheska as her precious jewel.  "You are a precious jewel to me and to the heart of the Father" Grandma Sissy would tell her.  "Never forget, my darling Francheska, you are a precious jewel".  Hot tears fell upon her cheeks as her heart flooded with sweet memories of days gone by.  They seemed like a lifetime ago now.  "Oh how I miss you Grandma" she sighed.

The Millerton Women's Detention Facility is an ominous multi-story edifice perched high atop the small township of Millerton.. Today was no different than any other wintery day.  The gray concrete structure stood sadly shrouded in a cloak of cold dreary mist.  It's as if the exterior of the structure echoed the lives and hearts of those held captive within.  Captives many of who had fallen prey to drugs, hard living and wrong choices.  

It was a series of wrong places and wrong choices that led Grandma Sissy's "jewel" to this dark place in life.  And it was in this darkness that Francheska fully surrendered and committed her heart and life afresh to Jesus and purposed to follow Him all the days of her life.  

Francheska washed her tear stained face, combed her hair and slipped into her prison issued jumpsuit and readied herself for work but lingered a moment longer to peer out the window of her dark dank cell. As she gazed through the rainy drizzle upon the sleepy town below, she reminisced of happier times when Grandma Sissy called her His jewel.  "Lord, I don't feel like I'm a jewel in your eyes" she whispered with a deep sigh.

Just at that moment her eyes fell upon the row houses below that had gone unnoticed before.  Today, however, through the gloomy mist they shown with the most beautiful vivid hues of purple, green, gold and orange.  They reminded her of a treasure chest of jewels perfectly aligned in a beautiful bracelet.  "Oh, how beautiful" she gasped.  And in that moment from deep within her heart she heard the sweet whisper of the voice of the Father..."Oh, how beautiful you are to me, are my precious precious treasure".

Warm tears flowed as she stood in a Holy hush and breathed in His Heavenly presence. Joy and sweet release flooded her soul.  Release from her past and precious assurance that He was with her in her darkest hour and would never leave or forsake her.

The sudden jangle of her jail cell door jolted her from her Divine encounter and she promptly responded to the roll call.  "Francheska cellmate #727!" the officer shouted.  "Francheska cellmate #727, here!" she loudly responded.  And as she stepped out of her cell a gentle smile broke upon her face as she whispered within her heart, "Just call me His Precious Jewel!".

And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of Hosts
in that day when I make up my jewels and 
I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.
Malachi 3:17

You are His special jewel!

Love and Sweet Blessings!

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RCUBEs said...

I love the story being familiar with the environment of a Correctional setting. Your words amazed me as if you were there and worked with me. But it touched my heart and grateful that God's love knows no bounds. For I know so many lives behind those walls, contained in tiny cells with huge metal bars but are living the true freedom that comes from knowing Christ, our Savior. So thankful that God's love and grace know no bounds! Some of us are walking free outside but it's even sadder that they don't know Christ and they put themselves into their own prisons that they created in the first place...From doing sins that easily entraps souls...God bless sister and may you always remain strong in God's mighty power! "Keep writing!" For Him!

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVED this....soo good. Felt like I was right there with her. Looking forward to reading more of your stories! Have a good day! HUGS

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

The Millerton Women's Detention Center...

How many of us are waking up to similar confinement? I can identify with Francheska's plight... bars, dreariness, tear-stained Bible, a window's peak filled with color and remembrance.

Millerton is no so very far from each broken heart. Oh for the remembrance to remember who we are in Jesus... his precious jewels!

Great writing, Jackie.


Just Be Real said...

Wow, thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. A story that I can actually touch. Blessings to you Jackie.

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