November 12, 2009


Well it's that time again....the most wonderful time of the year! The fragrance of cinnamon and spiced cider wafting through the house and pumpkin pie and turkey in the oven! Oh, and let's not forget an abundant supply of hot chocolate, cookies and brownies - YUM!

This week I've been contemplating what turkey recipe I like the best. For many years I've successfully prepared a typical traditional roasted turkey. However, several years ago I got my Food Network "vibe" on and decided to change things up a bit by adding several new methods to my turkey cooking repertoire.......Smoked - wonderful but I missed the traditional taste with good ole Southern cornbread dressing and giblet gravy seasoned with the pan drippings. Oh, and the smoked taste and pumpkin pie together just didn't get it for me! Then there's the quirky but wonderful recipe my daughter in law prepares - turkey filled with fruit, basted with butter and apple juice and roasted in a brown paper sack (sounds more like a turkey fruit salad sack lunch I know, but it's amazing)! Then last year I decided to do the Alton Brown thing and brine my bird.......Sorry Alton, but my kitchen looked like a war zone and my fridge was overtaken by a five gallon bucket and a turkey floating in a zip lock bag big enough to put a kitchen chair in! Won't be doing that again!! But, my all time favorite recipe was one inspired by my Southern Sister Paula Deen - Hey ya'll, us Georgia gals can get our "cook" on!! Can you say DEEEEEP FRIIIIIED YA'LL! Oh yea, that's what I'm talking about!! So I bought a turkey fryer kit from Walmart (on sale I want you to know!) gallons of peanut oil, the perfect broad breasted bird, copious amounts of sweet butter and EVOO (hey, hey, Rachel Ray!) and prepared my own version of Paula's seasoning rub (course salt, fresh cracked pepper, garlic powder and Season All seasoned salt) and last but not least, the most important gadget of all - a flavor injector! Never used such a thing before but Paula said it so I had to have it ya'll! I saturated the bird with EVOO and massaged my most beautiful bird with rub and then with my new kitchen toy I injected it with melted butter and garlic powder. The secret is the infusion of this wonderful buttery garlic solution into every nook and cranie of the bird. There wasn't one morsel of that bird that didn't have that wonderful infused flavor through and through! I'm tellin' ya.......can you say FABULUUUUUUS! So I'm all about infusion ya'll! (Mercy, I must pause here and wipe the drool off my keyboard!! PAUUUUUUSE)! Ok, I'm back!

Well, by now you're probably wondering if this post is entirely about the joys or trials of turkey cookin'........but oh contraire! As I was in the Word the other day this scripture jumped off the page at me (not really but you know what I mean!)...

I have strength for all things in Christ
Who empowers me
(I am ready for anything and equal to anything
through Him Who INFUSES inner strength into me,
I am self sufficient in Christ's sufficiency)
Philippians 4:13 amp

DID YOU CATCH THAT!!.......He infuses US!! Just like my turkey, He infuses every part of us with inner strength......I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses me!!! Glory to God!

I love the Webster Dictionary meaning of infuse....

To introduce one thing into another so as to affect it through out.

Yes Lord, I want to be totally affected throughout by You and Your Word!

Inspire the sense of purpose.

Thank you Lord that you have a plan and purpose for me and you
infuse my heart with Divine inspiration!

Implies a pouring in of something that gives new life or significance.

Thank you Lord that through the Holy Spirit you are
pouring into me freshness,
newness and significance as a Daughter of the King!

The synonyms of infuse also encourage my heart.....

Imbue: Implies the introduction of a quality that fills and
permeates the whole being.

Oh yes Lord, I desire that my whole being be filled to
overflowing and permeated with Your presence!

Ingrain: Suggests the deep implanting of a quality or trait.

Yes Lord, my deepest desire is to be deeply implanted in You and
Your Word and become more like You - To God be the Glory!

Leaven: Implies introducing something that enlivens,
tempers, or markedly alters the total quality.

Yes Lord, as I walk by faith in You and Your word I am totally changed,
enlivened and marked by the Holy Spirit!

Ladies, my prayer for each of us as we move into the busyness of this wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season is that we would be so keenly aware of Who's and What we are.....Daughters of the Most High God, totally INFUSED with His love and power, deeply planted in Him and being continually INFUSED with His Spirit......enlivened, inspired, changed and marked for His Glory!

Oh, and may all your turkey's turn out FABULOUUUUUS!!

Sweet Blessings my Divinely Infused Sisters!
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Andrea said...

For the first time in my life I am glad to be compared to a turkey. Thank you for the beautiful prayer.

Patty said...

What a wonderful and powerful post!! Thank you!!

Denise said...

Turkey preparing is my nemesis! My very first bird was beautiful - gorgeous I tell you. A golden brown on the outside and.....frozen on the inside. I guess I didn't know how long you were supposed to defrost the critter. Talk about a turkey day let down! That was 25 years ago and I am still afraid!

So grateful that I am empower by Christ and infused to my marrow with His strength. It is what has carried me through and continues to spur to journey on!

I will be praying for your husband's health and restoration.

Grab my hand friend, we can crest this hill together!


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know what was better. The wonderful turkey ideas, (I must look for an infuser) or the inspiring scripture...what a wonderful analogy. We are like the turkey!! TOTALLY infused with His love, power, and might, into every nook and crannie of our beings. Thanks for all of this, it has really blessed me. Blessings to you, Debbie

RCUBEs said...

Sister Jackie, I'm glad I came by before stepping out the door...What a beautiful analogy and boy! Am I glad that we are "infused" with Christ's strength. I will remember that. To God be the glory! Not only I'm leaving here imagining how good the fried turkey tastes, I'm leaving infused with Christ's goodness...God bless.

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

I love it!!!

Saleslady371 said...

So much here! Not only cooking hints, but empowerment, too! What a great teaching. I receive it and believe it. I like the definition of infuse. Btw, I was just on Sassy's blog and I think your comment about praying in the barn was hilarious.


Edie said...

I love your enthusiasm throughout this post Jackie! I have always said "If you don't know how to cook it, fry it, it's bound to be good." I have never had a deep fried turkey but have heard they are fabulous. So what time should I be there on Thanksgiving? :D

Seriously, I love the way you pulled this all together. What a great analogy. I often use the word infuse when I'm praying and I could use a good infusion of His strength today.

Love you!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh...... I love love it and I like Andrea love being compared to a turkey......... What a wonderful post........

Nana Jul said...

WOW...Infused with Christ! Such powerful words!! I'm so glad to be infused with The Great I AM!!
Thank you Jackie!!

Navy Wife said...

Mom, you are such a blessing. I sure wish we could all be together for Thanksgiving, but my wonderful husband is defending our countrys freedom...Good O'L Navy...when duty calls!. God has really given you you some awesome "nuggets" to share that are truly a blessing for all that reads. They are so real and relevant. I love you mom! Cant wait to give you a big hug at Christmas. xoxo-Katie

~Trina~ said...

This year when my husband fries the turkey, I will see it in a whole new light. It will no longer be just...a great tasting turkey and...a way I don't have to cook it so I can concentrate on all the other holiday foods =), but also a lesson in being infused and imbued by the Holy Spirit!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Coming originally from the south..we know all about that deep fried turkey. YUM! Another idea...take a sprig or two of Rosemary and slide it down under the skin. It will infuse the whole turkey.
Love the comparisons here...isn't it amazing how if we are listening He will give us little glimpses into the spiritual world all around us?
Thank you for this post...looking forward to being infused by Him. :)

Beth Herring said...

Oh, yes Lord! Infuse me with Your Spirit!

And give me a deep fried turkey any day. I LOVE LOVE it!!

LisaShaw said...

He infuses us indeed! Great message and I like that you used the Turkey for comparison.

Hugs and love!


Jackie, Thank You so much for joining my blog. I have joined yours too.

What a fun post. I laughed at your story about cooking Turkeys lol. I was so inspired by your Bible verses. Thank You for sharing this wonderful post. Blessings, Audrey

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

If I had one wish this Christmas season, it would be to know God more by the time I arrive at the end of it than I do now. The only way that will happen is if I make a deliberate choice on the front side of things to allow myself a "holy infusion" from his heart.

And the turkey... sounds delightful! I'm slobbering with you right now.


Jennifer @ said...

Sounds tasty ... and yes, "how divine."

We'll have a quiet Thanksgiving this year -- small bird, just the four of us around our little table. But blessings come in the "small" places, too.

God bless you, sister, as you count your blessings this Thanksgiving.

Andrea said...

Jackie, I love your turkey story. You're a courageous woman! :)

On a serious note, I love your post! Oh, how I long to be infused, totally saturated, every part and particle of me with divine substance!

Thank you for sharing God's truth so creatively and with his anointing.

Bless you.


Deborah Ann said...

My husband and I met Amy Grant about 20 yrs ago. When I got saved, I asked for 2 things - twins, and to meet Amy. When our twins were 2 yrs old, we drove to St. Louis for an Amy Grant concert (left the boys with family). Earlier in the day while going up in the arch, we met another couple, who lo and behold, were on Amy's stage crew! Guess who got backstage passes? What a glorious night! We got to have a nice conversation with Amy and Michael W. Smith.

I made a holiday ham last year, which I got from Paula's show. You cover the ham in crescent rolls and bake. Simple! And man, was it good!

Have a blessed week, my dear friend!

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