November 3, 2009

Wonder Woman UPDATE!

Just gotta share.........

Since I wrote the "Step it UP Wonder Woman" post last Sunday (jump to post here) the Lord has really been speaking to my heart about His great Love for His "girls" and how highly He esteems each of us - so wonderful and so encouraging! And today I've just been soaking in what He's been speaking to me and going about my routine when this evening I decided to do a quick drive-by my favorite thrift store - yes, the one where I was amused and inspired by the fabulous Wonder Women bobble head doll the other day that led to my last post. You see, the other day I didn't buy the bobble head doll and after I got home the Lord began stirring within my heart the Wonder Woman post and I regretted not buying it so I quickly ran back over to the thrift store and - you guessed it....she was gone!! I was really bummed but thought, oh well, what do I need it for anyway......I mean honestly until the Lord stirred this Wonder Woman revelation in my heart a Wonder Woman bobble head has never been on my "gotta have" wish list anyway - I mean, really!

So back to this evening about an hour ago at the thrift store........I usually make a quick run through scoping out decorating treasures toward the back of the store but this evening not ten feet from the front door was a shelf with collectable ornaments and such that caught my eye and LOW AND BEHOLD there, once again, was Wonder Woman but this time she was a collectable ornament! LOL, LOL, LOL! It just cracked me up!!! The sales lady said "Oh, we just put it out and it must be meant just for you!" (hmmm - God thing!! LOL, Yea God!). I grabbed it and joyfully paid the $3.24 and laughed about the wonderful sense of humor our God has all the way home!!

Ladies, He's making a point's not about the doll (even though I loved His surprise, Yea God!).......It's about His indescribable love He has for each of us and how wonderfully and uniquely made and Divinely purposed each of us are! He's driving home His point - He wants us to "get it" and "live it"! His hearts desire is to see each of us walk completely free and live as the strong, wonderful, daughters He created us to be!! He's lovingly calling us to deeper depths and higher heights with Him! Therein lies our true and complete freedom through sweet intimate fellowship with Him and His Word! And my heart cries "Yes Lord - I long to be in that wonderful place of sweet fellowship in your Presence and be lovingly transformed to be all that You've created me to be"! I'm gonna "get it" and "live it" for the Glory of God! Oh, how wonderful He is!

So there you have Divinely ordered thrift store drive-by story! I have my Wonder Woman ornament standing on my keyboard (picture above) as a reminder of how wonderful His thoughts are toward you and I and how amazingly wonderful His love is for us - His Wonder Women!

Thanks for letting me share!

Sweet and Wonderful Blessings to my Wonder Women sisters!
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Meli n Pat said...

Fabulous! And thank you for your thoughts last week! It was such an encouragement!


What a beautiful blog and great story. Live for the Glory Of God. I pray we all do. Many Blessings,

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful experience. I'm glad you shared it. Isn't it amazing how God surprises us now and then like this?
I see you have a Mac too. Don't you just love it?

Saleslady371 said...

I love those surprises, too, from the Lord. I believe with you that God is pleased when we women receive His love and walk in it. Takes faith. But it pleases the heart of God and we become all we can be in Him.

Bless you!

Nana Jul said...

I'm gonna "get it" and "live it" for the Glory of God also! Oh, how wonderful He is indeed!
I love it how He drives his point home, and God is so Awesome like that!!

Denise said...

Beautiful post girl...... God...... HE is never boring and HE is always full of surprises......... HOW wonderful a God HE is..

LisaShaw said...

You just bless my heart Jackie!

Thanks for sharing with us dear sister. Keep walking with the LORD.

Your fellow FoxNewsGirl Friend!

Love ya.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, I just love it when God does something out of the ordinary..wait..EVERYTHING HE DOES IS OUT OF THE ORDINARY!!! Woo hoo! Thanks for this awesome blessing of His love today Jackie...

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