February 22, 2010

Would Appreciate Your Prayers!

Hey Ya'll

I've kinda been out of the bloggy loop for the last three or four days....allot going on here.  I hope you all had a blessed weekend!

Several months ago my wonderful son Chris and his sweet wife Laraine (she's just like a daughter to us!) shared the glorious news that they were pregnant  and as you can imagine our family has been rejoicing with them with each passing day!!  After numerous miscarriages at about six weeks along we were so excited as the six week point came and went and elated that our kids were gonna have their first child and our first grand baby!!  Everything was progressing normally - hormone levels high with  other typical pregnancy symptoms and an eight week sonogram was scheduled for last Thursday.

Thursday arrived with excitement and anticipation for Chris and Laraine as they drove to her doctors office for their first sonogram.  I was waiting by the phone for the news - they planned on emailing the sonogram to our phone so we could take a peak at our miracle!!  The call came, but the hesitation in Chris's voice told me that things were not alright.  There was no heartbeat - no baby.  The doctor was somewhat perplexed....."with your hormone levels  I should be looking at an eight week old baby with a heartbeat"she said......"Your body thinks you're still pregnant.......once again your body could not sustain a baby with a heartbeat".

"Mom, this is the most heartbreaking thing ever....Laraine was so excitied and now so heartbroken"were the only words Chris could get out.    I just went numb, my hope asaulted and my emotions cratered.  My heart hurt.....when my kids hurt, I HURT!  I couldn't believe they were going through this awful pain and disappointment again!   BUT, through my numbed emotions, disappontment and pain these words came up from my spirit...."Chris, this is not the end of the story!!!  Somehow God's gonna work this out"!!

I was on a business trip with my husband on Thursday so after Chris called I retreated to my hotel room and sat in stunned silence before the Lord and poured out my heart upon Him.  I opened my Bible and once again penned in my journal His Promises concerning children and children's children.  It was as if I was gathering my ammunition for battle!  Resupplying my arsenal for war!!  Earlier Thursday morning the Holy Spirit stirred a chorus within my heart and I was singing it all morning non-stop (I love it when the Holy Spirit does that!).  It's a simple worship chorus by Israel Houghton "Alpha and Omega".   I asked the Lord why this song?  Beginning and the end?  He spoke to my heart "I AM the beginning and the end and everything in between....I'm in the midst of your EVERYTHING".  He let me know that moment, that worshiping Him in the midst of great disappointment and discouragement was a piece of my armament and another component of my now heavily loaded arsenal to fight the good fight of faith!!  Hallelujah!!

Standing upon the promises of God for my kids and grand babies - declaring His faithfulness to watch over His promises to perform them and bring the manifestation and songs of praise, worship and adoration to the Most High God drives the enemy nuts!!!  It sends confusion into the enemy's camp!!!  Our God Reigns over this situation and the enemy doesn't!!  The King of Glory has the final say!!! Glory to God!!

So here's where I humbly ask for your prayers.....The doctor wants to refer Chris and Laraine to a very specialized MD in the Phoenix area who is very aggressive in treating couples who have had multiple miscarriages and has had great success for full term pregnancies.   The tests he will perform are very expensive and not all insurance companies will cover the cost.  We are believing for favor and no problems with the insurance company!!!  Also, we believe that God's hand is in the referral to this doc and believing for great wisdom upon him as he takes Laraine as his patient.   And of course, we are trusting Him for Laraine's healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and a perfect miracle baby!!!!   Thank you Jesus!!

Lastly,  I don't know where you are or what you might be going through right now.  But, I encourage you to lay hold of the promises of God concerning your circumstances.  Pray them, speak them, write them, keep them before your eyes!   Worship Him in the the midst of your storm and disappointment and He will bring you out!!  I've proven Him time and time again!!  He is Faithful!!

I encourage you to take a few minutes to enter into His presence with the anointed video below of "Alpha and Omega".....You will be strengthened and encouraged as you worship Him - the One who loves you and is in the midst of your everything!!!  He is worthy of all the glory!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers dear bloggy prayer warriors!!

Love, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!
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Alleluiabelle said...

Precious Sister,

We are so on the same page! I'm standing with you and your family in deep fervent prayer and loving, praising, worshiping Him as much as humanly possible through the trials we are going through and with you, your family and so many others right now. Unity...we stand together and pray for one another and we go forth in Jesus precious name fighting our way through the battles for all of His glory.

Love you so much Jackie,

Nana Jul said...

I will put you back on the prayer list sweet one!! You, your son and daughter in-law.
Nothing is too hard for the LORD!!

Patty said...

Jackie, I am heartbroken for your son and his wife! I will lift them up in prayer this morning and believing God for a miracle!!
Love and Hugs,

Jo Whitehurst said...

Thank you, Jackie! What a timely word...another God moment! I will be praying with you, as you have been praying with me!

jenmom said...

Praying for your daughter now! She might be blessed by Kelly Stamp's blog. She dealt with infertility and miscarriages. She can find her here:

Sheryl said...

what a beautiful couple they are!!

asking God to bring much comfort right now and to keep any root of bitterness from forming. i love that song and He IS in the middle!!

thanks for encouraging us while you're family is going through this loss. will pray as God leads.

Anonymous said...

Having been there - done that, my husband and I have a miracle son who's just about to turn 24 yrs. old.
I AM BELIEVING WITH YOU for the same miracle for your son and daughter-in-law.
God IS Alpha and Omega. And He's not done yet.
Silver and gold I do not have - but what I have - I give to them.
Hugs and prayers,

Angie said...

As I read your post, I sat and cried - I shared your hurt and disapointment, but also your victory as you worshiped and declared God's goodness and hope for your future grandchildren. I stand with you in agreeing faith for your son & daughter-in-law to conceive & deliver a healthy baby. I also pray against any fear that your son & daughter-in-law may have about another miscariage. I pray for peace and the Holy Spirit's comfort as they are hurting right now. I pray that God will give them joy in the midst of this trial, just as He gave you a song to sing, may He do the same for them. God bless.

Yolanda said...

Jackie, at a loss for words, but knowing that God is not, and that He is faithful. Retreating as well to pray for you and your family. With love, Yolanda

Anonymous said...

Praying in agreement - for an outpouring of favor and abundant blessings on you all...

Debbie said...

I am soo sorry that this has happened and I will lift you all in prayer for sure. But I just feel like I have to say that you are soo right. God is not done and He CAN work this all out. My sister's daughter had all but given up. She had NUMEROUS miscarriages. After many tests and procedures they could never come up with a reason why. They told her to just keep trying. But after a while, fear of course sets in and you become soo hesitant to set yourself up for more heartache. But she was part of our womens's bible study group and we all began lifting this in prayer. She became pregnant again. We prayed harder. She made it to the 10th week where they say it is less likely to miscarry. We prayed even harder. She carried that baby to term and little Priscilla Jane joined this world last Nov. Our miracle baby. Praise God He does still perform miracles and blesses us more than we ever dared dream. I will pray for sure for your daughter in law and son. In the meantime, I pray the Lord will surround thier hearts with comfort and peace. Hugs, Debbie

Rose said...

Jackie, I know I was stunned reading this, so I can only imagine the feelings that you and your family went through hearing that doctor's words. God is so good at putting people in our lives like the right doctors. Praying in agreement with you for a miracle! HUGS!!!!

rcubes said...

Sister Jackie, I felt a lump in my throat, feeling pain for you and your son and his wife. For you to be able to worship Him despite this trial is a true heart of worship. One who completely trusts in the Lord. And nothing is impossible with the Lord. I'm joining you and other precious friends here, to knock on heaven's door for your son and his wife. Take care sister and God bless you and may He comfort and strengthen your son and your DIL.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Dear Sister in Christ~

I am saddened and heartbroken for all of you. I have not experienced this kind of loss myself, but two of my sisters have. It is very devastating.

I will be lifting all of you up in fervent prayer and truly believe that your son and daughter-in-law will one day be parents, and you a Grandma! I claim this for you in the precious name of Jesus Christ!

Blessings, new friend~

Deborah Ann said...

First of all, Jackie, I want to thank you for praying alongside me yesterday. You gave me so much hope and courage, just knowing I had a friend who would stand with me, well it's beyond a blessing.

Second, I felt a sad wave as I read this. When I was 5 months pregnant (long time ago) the baby stopped growing, and they did an ultrasound and said the baby was dead. I ended up at the hospital to deliver Alex. They brought him to me in a pan. Imagine that! Why not a pillow? That was sad, and it took me a while to get over it.

But...YOU have the faith like that of David. You are declaring God's promises and you are standing firm in your covenant with Jehova Jirah! And THIS is the GOD who promises descendants as great as the stars in the sky, and the sand on the seashore.

And in this victorious prayer I will stand side by side with you, praying forth new life in Laraine's womb. And so shall it be!!! In Jesus name...

Crown of Beauty said...

Praying for you, your children, and praying and rejoicing and praising God with you.


Cherie Hill said...

I will definitely be praying...I have personally known you daughter in laws pain. I know the deep emptiness that comes from losing pregnancies. I can only say this, had those pregnancies come to fruition...I would not have the two wonderful boys I have now. It is unimaginable. I couldn't understand it at the time...but God knew what He was doing...and in the process, He drew me near to Him and began showing me how He redeems. I will be praying!
God bless!

Patrina said...

So much call for prayer in Blogvilla. Seems as if the enemy is working overtime to steal our seed. I am so sorry for your family's loss. Devastating loss. I lost my first at 5 or so weeks. It has saddened me for 37 years.

I pour the oil of healing over your daughter-in -love's womb, in the name of Jesus, that it might be restored as the creator God intended.

Blessings - remember, the battle is the Lord's!! he created family and He cares about everything that concerns you.

Patrina <")>><

Saleslady371 said...

I still believe for a miracle child for Chris and Laraine. Our God is the God of the impossible and He shines bright in times like these. He can make a way where there is no way. I will pray and believe for HIs faithfulness to prevail in all things including favor with doctors and insurance. I'm standing with you Jackie and your precious family.


Beth E. said...

Of course I will be praying for Chris and Laraine AND your family!

My husband and I were married nine years before we finally had our first child. We wanted children so much! The lesson we learned through years of heartache and tears? God's timing is perfect. He blessed us with two wonderful boys.

Trusting God and His timing in the lives of Chris, Laraine, and your entire family.

Jacquelyn said...

I cried with you and yours family as I read this, Jackie. You can be sure that I will be carrying your desire for this blessing in my heart in the coming days and calling on that Giver of Life to glorify Himself through what we call a miracle. I don't know why but I love to pray for women who want to become pregnant. I can't wait to have a chance to really steal away on your son's and daughter-in-law's behalf. And my grandma's heart is right there for you too, dear sister. As private a heartache as this is, I hope your kids will go before their congregation and receive their prayers. God loves to bless in a public way so that others may believe. I'm believing!

christy rose said...

Oh Jackie, I am so sorry to hear this news from your son and daughter in law. It is so very heartbreaking to hear the news of loss of life within the womb. I know I have been there. I will be praying for their hearts to be comforted by the love and care of their almighty Father as they seek Him through this journey of bringing a family into this world.

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Please know you and your sweet family is in my prayers. God has in mighty hand on all. Much love.
Your sister in Christ,

2 little Boys said...

Oh my dear sister in Christ, you know I am lifting you in the Lord and I am so happy that you are finding JOY in your sorrow. I am praying for God's peace to soften Chris and Laraine's sorrow. I am also praying that this new avenue of hope will workout together for His good and filling Laraine and Chris's arms with the precious gift and miracle they hope for. I am a FIRM believer that God uses modern medical science to help His children and you know I speak from personal experience for my miracle 2 little Boys. Bathing you and yours in prayer.

Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
Laura Ann

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I imagine much of heaven will "sing" like this... I am moved to tears and to God's provision over his people and his presence with his people.

His dwelling amongst us... who can fathom that kind of love? And yes, prayers for God to move upon barren wombs and hurting hearts this day.


bigguysmama said...

Jackie, praying for your son and DIL. God does have a plan and we will trust Him for it.

Thank you for visiting my blog Woven by Words.

Blessings In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jackie,

I am standing with you and your family believing that God will gave your a NEW SONG in the morning...a song of praise after a teary night. Like you, I am standing on His promises...and I SPEAK 'GRANDCHILDREN' for you who will bring joy and laughter into your life like you have never imagined or dreamed of. In JESUS NAME.



Stacey said...

Prayers are going up for you and them. God's timing is perfect and sometimes He just has to get us ready. Hang on to Him (I know that you are) and know that He has great plans.
Faith is not believing that He can, it's knowing that He will!

LisaShaw said...


I'm very sorry to hear this and I absolutely will pray (and began praying as I read your words) for your son and daughter in law and your entire family.

Psalm 27:13-14 (KJV)

Prayers and blessings...

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Jackie, I'm so very, very sorry to hear about this! Praying that God will move in on your family in a mighty way and give fertility and the ability to carry to full term to your daughter-in-law!

God bless you!!

Marilyn... in Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
How funny, we are from Phoenix also, and my neighbors go to Church for the Nations also, we are CCV'ers. I will pray for youe son and his wife. With God, all things are possible. God Bless

Lea said...

Praising Him through our storms is so hard. My heart goes out to you.
I'd never heard this song before and I totally love it.
Praying for your family.

Cherylg said...

Hello Jackie. I just wanted to let you know about a couple who couldn't conceive and decided to adopt this baby that they were fostering. As it turned out, when they were getting near the end of the adoption process, Sara became pregnant. Now her and her husband Shannon have 1 adopted girl and 2 of their own. Doesn't God work in mysterious ways? "His ways are not our ways". . . Gods timing is perfect!

Cheryl-Calgary, Alberta


Jackie, I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying that God will bless your son and his wife very soon with a healthy precious blessing. I am always here for you. Please write me when you are up to it and give me an update. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. Much Love,

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