March 23, 2010

The Mule and the Garden Hoe!

Hey Ya'll!!

Maybe I'm a little sleep deprived but I just had to share this!   Things have been very heavy and emotionally deep for me lately with my mama's declining health and by the time last Saturday rolled around I really needed a break (seriously!!).   I  always look forward to Saturday mornings because my sweetie and I enjoy relaxing on the porch (weather permitting) and sharing the morning paper and I LOVE me a vanilla latte!!!   I generally peruse the front page current news section and then jump to my fav's - the Arizona travel section and then Home Decor section.   I needed something lite and a few laughs during this brief latte slurping Saturday morning respite before heading back over to see my mama.

With lattee in hand I walked onto the porch and Sweetie just looked up from the front page and fore-warned me 'you're not gonna like it  - just too negative", he said.  I decided I'd take a chance and look it over....I mean how bad can it be.....earthquakes, tsunamis, gov't collapse, terriorism, financial ruin - hey, maybe I could salvage a little levity here?? here are last Saturday's top three front page stories....

I think everyone in the universe could guess what the #1 headline was about - the U.S. healthcare bill debacle (I think DC has lost their minds, but not posting about that here).

#2 headline...WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Smackdown coming to Glendale arena and traffic jams anticipated (funny that Smackdown and healthcare bill carried the same front page coverage....Smackdown and Congress/Senate healthcare bill....hmmm - alot of similarities don't cha think....I'm just saying!)

But #3 sent me over the edge.....Fewer mule rides likely in the Grand Canyon!!!  Aparently their hooves are having too much of an environmental impact on the trails!! OMgosh what is this world coming to???!!  Anyone who's been around me for five minutes knows how I love The Canyon and the thought of gov't cutbacks and environmental agences curbing our mule usage is unAmerican!!  Ok, I know I'm a little over expressive about this and passionate about mule rides but I'm a little sleep deprived as I earlier disclosed!! LOL!  But seriously, leave my mules alone.  How 'bout getting serious about the impact of political correctness and terrorism is having upon our land instead of mules hooves!!!  Nuff' said!!

So as I continued to decompress from page 1 (DC Smackdown Fewer Mule Rides) I moseyed over to page 9 and found the news nugget that sent me into delirium (obviously I'm still there because I'm  still enjoying this one 4 days later).........

Gardening topless leads to rule changes!!!!

A woman gardening wearing only a yellow thong
 and pink gloves has brought
neighborhood complaints and new rules
from a housing authority in CO.
Boulder Housing Partners plans to amend its rules so that
tenants cover up when they're outside.  
Several passers-by told police earlier this week that
52 year old Catharine Pierce was topless while tending to her yard.
Last year, she was threatened with eviction for gardening wearing only 
pasties and a thong.
Police responding to Wednesday's reports decided Pierce wasn't
breaking any laws.
Robert Pierce said he'll fight changes that would keep 
his wife from gardening outside topless.......

LOL, LOL, LOL.....Hmmmm, let me see, the last time I checked my gardening attire it did not include pasties or a thong of any color or variety!  My goodness, gardening in a thong and pasties..... that's more visual info than I need!  I was just wondering.....were the pasties flower petals coordinated with the flowers she was planting?  And her husband is fighting for this.....My goodness, wonder what he wears when he's mowing the lawn?   (I just had to throw that in!!!). LOL!  This story cracks me up (no pun intended!!)!!!

Oh well, times sure are achangin'.....people are loosing their minds and values!!!  Sometimes ya just have to laugh to keep from crying!!

I just had a thought.....I sure hope she doesn't visit the Grand Canyon and take a mule ride in her pasties, pink gardening gloves and yellow thong!!!!..........

Ok....I'm on the floor laughing now.......Laughter doeth good like a medicine, ya know!  Who would of thought my medicine would have been in the form of a mule and a garden hoe!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

Happy gardening!!!

Laughter, Love and Sweet Blessings!

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Sewn With Grace said...

Just what I needed to start my day, thank you for the reason to laugh! Hope your Mom has a good day today and that you stay strong during this time. Be blessed!

Deborah Ann said...

I must confess, I have no idea what pasties are. When I read that, I thought it was a mispelling. I thought they meant to say'pastries.'

But how one wears pastries baffles me too. Unless it's referring to the extra baggage you carry on your thighs after over-indulging...

Carol said...

The headlines, and life in general can be overwhelming. Lately I've had to give myself a few breaks from watching TV news. I keep reminding myself, God is in control.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

OK my friend that's pretty funny!!! God bless you!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol... I can't imagine reading the morning news with you when you're sleep deprived! hee hee
Oh what a good one. I'm glad the donkey wasn't wearing pasties.
I laughed so hard reading this - and some of the comments!!! **Please don't explain publicly to Deborah Ann what 'pasties' really are!
oh my goodness... I can't quit laughing.

Yolanda said...

You have me laughing about "garden hoe". By the way, we are vacationing for a few weeks in the Pacific, and guess what? That story of the lady in Colorado gardening was in their local newspaper here!!! How crazy is that??

Jackie, you were fresh oil today!


Debbie said...

Oh Jackie this just made my morning...hahaha....A good laugh is always welcome. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Deb

Beth E. said...

Hey, who saw me in the garden??? Hahaha...juuuust kidding! ;-)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Uh, weren't you the woman who a mere 7 months ago didn't know anything about blogging???? WOWZERS, Jackie! Look how far you have come! I am SOOOOO Happy to see you in the bloggy world, and I can't wait to dive in and catch up on your thoughts!
Smiling real big cause you found me-

Kathleen said...

How hysterical! It's true: truth is stranger than fiction.

OK ... so now I'm gonna' have to start reading the news with a view towards humor-value. No doubt an entire book could be written about such things.

Giggling with you,

P.S. My security word here is "subtl" - - no kidding! I don't think the pastie clad gardener was in the least bit so. :)

Cathy said...

Oh man you're cracking me up!!!!! said...

Oh that one was good for a GOOD laugh!!

The icing on the cake was the picture of the mule!!

YAY for humor, in the midst of everything else....

Praying with you daily, (and laughing with you today!)


Saleslady371 said...

She is topless at 52????? Yikes. I knew exactly why these stories were we Americans who love our constitution would laugh a little rather than cry about the Healthcare Bill.

Karen said...

I can hear your laughter through these words...thanks for sharing this!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Just imagine that kind of environmental impact.

Oh dear... bet that had an effect on your vanilla latte.

Very funny.


Mindy said...

That is too Funny! After the day i had....I needed to laugh!! Thank you!!
Praying for your sweet MAma too!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness Jackie, you just cracked me up. You should write for the Washington Post or the New York times they could use a little honest humor, or is that honesty and humor, either way, I think they are short on it and you are loaded with it:)

Just Be Real said...

Hee Hee...... Jackie this is good. Thanks for posting. Blessings.

Carol said...

This made me smile!!
I sometimes stop watching the news - it's not good for my blood pressure!!
Praise God that He is in complete control of all this madness.
Have a blessed week.

Carol Joy said...

I'll be smiling today as I get my latte and I'll make it a "vanilla" one for you! Also going to my garden shop and I'll be looking closely over the flowers...hmmm... always wondered how you can have laughter in the midst of tears but somehow we do and I know it's saved the day for me many times!
I'm hoping your day with your mama will be a tad lighter today with such a newsworthy start!

Praying for you both,
Carol Joy

Rose said...

All I can say is I am GLAD I don't live in that neighborhood. Yikes. Jackie this is so funny. Would you please report the news everyday..I like your version better. Hugs!

Angela said...

Well going topless here in Canada IS completely ok! lol...Oh ya girl..When it first passed, a lady in our home town decided to cut her grass topless. So the traffic was quite busy on her street that day from what the news reported. my goodness gracious.

In Canada we already have the health care that was voted in the States.

I was sharing with my girlfriend Paula the other day...I go to the Emergency, don't pay it, go to the Dr.'s don't pay it, go to the hospital for operations, don't pay it. Of course our taxes are 13% compared to her 5%...Our house taxes are double than her's...

Kelly L said...

oh my! that was funny..


christy rose said...

Oh you are so right!! Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying!! and sometimes you just have to make yourself keep your eyes on Jesus when everything in your right mind, which is the mistake right there, wants to shake the whole world and ask them what in the living daylights are you thinking? :)

Shirley said...

Hi Jackie...thanks for your visit...I love "meeting" new friends. You are right about the news today...and you know that things are not going to get any better. When I think about it, I think...oh how close we are to His return and our meeting together in the air! I read your post about your sweet mama. You've been blessed. I lost mine over 13 years ago and I so miss her. I will be checking back in on you. God bless!

Rebecca said...

I had a "laughing - rolling on the floor" experience this week, too! It DID feel good. I'm SO glad you got a good laugh, too.

Typing these words make me think--the Bible says, "Jesus wept" a couple of times. I don't remember it ever saying he laughed. But sometimes as I read the Gospels, I'm just SURE that He did...

Andrea said...

I just fell off my mule in laughter......
Hugs, andrea

Lisa said...

LOL - great story (the last one!). Glad you could find some laughter in the paper. That's a rarity!

Have a blessed weekend and I'm praying for your mama.


PS - And Deborah Ann's comment cracked me up! :O)

Terra said...

Oh you are so funny! Mules, topless gardeners and all!
I really admire mules and abhor government overregulation so my reaction to the news is the same as yours.

LisaShaw said...

Oh my....I don't want to have a visual of what that all looked like but glad for the laugh.

In these times especially laughter is a good thing!

Prayers for your Mom. Blessings...

Marie said...

HI Jackie,
I'm Marie, I heard about this post and wanted to read it for myself, I should have waited to read it in the morning, instead of reading it late at night while my husband is asleep besides me sleeping on a Air Mattress (were visiting family in Florida), I about laughed so hard I almost popped him off the bed LOL!!!
You sure made me feel good about life. I sure needed that. I loved your righteous humor, it blessed my soul deep down. Keep up the wonderful posts. I love your blog by the way. I also loved reading the other ladies comments. One of them , Shirley, almost made me cry hearing about her mama. I will keep yours in my prayers.
Much Love

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