March 18, 2010

My Sweet Mama needs your prayers!

Today is my sweet mama's 91st birthday but it's been a very difficult day for her.  She had a fall  last month and has been in increasingly intense pain and under heavy pain meds which often make her nauseous and at times delirious.  My heart breaks to see her in such pain and now mostly confined to a wheel chair!  Several times over the past several weeks she's told me that she thought she wanted to die - the pain has been so unbearable.  I've devoted much of my time to being with her at the assisted living home where she lives (thus very little posting and blog visiting) and will forever have etched upon my heart one recent evening as I sat on the side of her bed and read scriptures to her as she went to sleep.  Mama purposed within her heart years ago to try her best to not ever let a day go by without reading the Word.  Even through her failing eyesight she always has her Bible close by or her scripture cards from her old scripture bread of life box.

Jesus is everything to mama.  She is a strong woman of the Word and has seen His faithfulness over and over in her lifes journey with Him.  Anyone who knows my mama, loves her!   I am so blessed to have such a mighty woman of God as my mom!!

We learned today that she has two compression fractures in her lower spine.  Surgery is not an option at her age so the general conclusion between her doctors and I is to manage her pain and try to comfort her.  After I tucked her in this evening, I left the facility with a heavy heart and tears flowing.  For those of you who have watched your precious parents age and decline you know where I'm at right now.

I humbly covet your prayers for my mama.  She needs peace in her body and the comfort of the Holy Spirit this night and into her days ahead.  My sister is coming from North Carolina in a few days.  We're feeling that time is of the essence now.  I know that the moment she leaves this side of Heaven she will step into the arms of her Jesus and dance a Divine Dance within His embrace through eternity.  Oh, what a contradiction of emotions I feel as I'm typing this sweet friends - hot tears of heartache and joy bubbling from deep within my Spirit.

Thank you for your prayers for mama - everyone calls her Miss Helene.  It will encourage her tremendously to know that people are lifting her in prayer.......She's always so faithful to pray fervently for others!

I ran across this news story video recently that reminded me so much of my mama's tenacious and unwavering faith and stand upon the Word of God..........This 92 year old ladies story made the evening news and will bless and encourage you to HIDE THE WORD IN YOUR HEART!!!

Watch and be blessed!

Thanks again for praying for my mama.  Someday when we are all with Jesus, I look forward to introducing her to you!

He is Faithful!!

Sweet Blessings!
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Jo Whitehurst said...

You and your Mom and sis are in my prayers. This has been a harsh season, with comfort coming only in the Word and on my knees. I pray that peace will surround you; and that your family will feel the prayers of friends and family, wrapped around you like a warm, handmade quilt...warmth, comfort, and love. -jo

Carrie (from Jax) said...

Praying for you and Mee-maw.

Debbie said...

I have seen this video before. Doesn't it just warm your heart and give you such a peace? I LOVE it.

I will lift your precious mom up today. How hard that has to be to watch. Growing old is not easy, but it sounds like your mom did it with grace and dignity and with many loving her. Just doesn't get any better. Much love to you all, Debbie

Rose said...

Jackie, oh my, this brought tears to my eyes, I suppose mainly because I know what it is like to see your parent's health decline. Both my parents are gone now but the pain of those times with them towards the end comes to the surface when I hear of others feeling the things I can so empathize with. You and your mom will be in our prayers! HUGS!

Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful that your mother remains strong (in the best of ways) at 91! I hope I'm half as tenacious and bold when it comes to be my turn.

What a great inspiration for all of us today. Thank you.


Praying for Mama ...

Andrea said...

Praying for Ms. Helene!! Go to and ask Edie to make a prayer button for your mom. She does them free for urgent prayer requests. It is a ministry. She is an awesome lady. Then we can all put her prayer button on our blogs.

PS: Thank you for being you...for loving and encouraging me...and always leaving sweet comments on my blogs. You will never know how much it means to me.

RCUBEs said...

When my father was very ill[he died in 2007 from colon cancer], nothing comforted him but hearing Christian worship songs and my oldest brother and I took turns singing to him. He fell asleep with peace on his face. We talked a lot about Him and that gave him joy.

I will keep your mom in my prayers sister Jackie, same with you and your sister. May the Lord's comfort, strength, and joy cover you all. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Miss Helene will be in my prayers. And I thank God for the testimony you have shared with us about your lovely mum. Isn't it wonderful to be brought up my good fearing moms? That video was awesome...what a testimony. I want to grow old gracefully like her.

Blessings and love,


Karen said...

A Godly parent is such a blessing...will be praying for your sweet blessing...and for you....

J+M+S said...

Went through that two years ago with my Grandpa and right now with both my grandmothers...:( On an earthly level so not fun, but in the Spiritual realm such a blessing that she loves the Lord! Will be praying for you all and that you all have peace.

Cherie Hill said...

Jackie, I will certainly be praying for your mama...she sounds like a wonderful woman filled with God's love. She is truly an inspiration to us walking out our faith. I continue to pray for your son and daughter in law as well.
With joy, hugs and prayers,

Yolanda said...

Thinking of you. The picture of your Mamma reminds me of my Granny. Love to you this day as we glean from the FRESH OIL.

Saleslady371 said...

Yes, I know the heartbreak of seeing an elderly parent in pain. My mom is in her 90's. I am praying for you as you minister so sweetly to your mamma. Miss Helene will be in my prayers (along with other things you shared before.) How sweet that she fellowships in the Word with you! I love it. Those who look to Him are radiant, Ps 34:5.

christy rose said...

I will be praying for your momma, Miss Helene! I love saying that name! It sounds so sweet! :)

Terri Tiffany said...

I work in a nursing home now as a social worker. I can tell you that I know your mother is blessing so many people right now! God is using her even through her pain!

Sewn With Grace said...

My heart goes out to you as you go through this difficult time with your Mom. I will be lifting her in prayer tonight and I will be seeking peace for you as well. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

sonja said...

Oh Jackie, I so remember those days! And my heart goes out to you right now, and to your precious mama. I will have her in my prayers every day. I am blessed by her beautiful example and so touched by the desires of her heart. How dear she is to Jesus!

Hugs & prayers sweet friend.


Beth E. said...

Praying for Miss Helene in Virginia. I'm so sorry she's in such pain.

I'm praying for you and your family, too. My heart goes out to you. My parents have health issues, so I certainly understand.


GrammyGoo said...

Adding our prayers.
Blessings, Ella

Nana Jul said...

I will keep Miss Helene, you and your sister in my prayers. Praying for Peace to overcome you all, that you will feel the Lord's presense as He fills you with strength.
Love you Jackie,

...All Things Refined said...

Lifting you and your family up in prayer. Joy

Deborah Ann said...

Oh, Jackie the memories of my own parents came flooding back as I read this. They are both with the Lord now. But I know what you mean when you talk about conflicting feelings. To be present with the Lord...nothing could be better. But yet we will miss them. When my mom died, it hurt so bad, I didn't want to live anymore.

I wish I could give you a great big hug, but since there are too many miles between us...


I will pray everyday for you, your mom and your precious family. Jesus love will carry you, of this I am confident!

Love and hugs,

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Jackie,
I will be sending prayers up to God for Miss Helene, and for you and your sister as you care for her.
I so enjoyed this video so much, thank you for sharing.

Cathy said...

Thank you for showing that video. I had not heard that news story. What a wonderful lady.

I most certainly will pray for your mom. I've added her in my prayer list book.

Alleluiabelle said...

Dear Sister,

Please know that I love you, I empathize deeply with you and I am praying for your dear mother. Both of my parents are gone now but it is very hard to watch them go through such physical pains.

May God's hand of blessings rest upon you, your dear sweet mother and your family. May He bless you with His grace, presence, tender mercies, comfort and peace in Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

Thank you for always stopping by my blog and blessing me with your love, support, friendship and prayers for our family.

{{{Big Hugs}}}

Patrina said...

Jackie, I am right there with you - My situation here with dad is almost identical. lots of back pain. I have to do everything for him now - It is very hard. He too is asking God to take him home because the pain is so great. He is 84. Nothing they can do for him either.

I will remember your sweet mama as I care for dad and pray with him. I lay my hand over his forehead every night now and give him the blessing of Peace.

God bless you dear soul

Patrina <")>><

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Praying and thinking of you....

Carol Joy said...

Hi Jackie,
My sister told me to look at your blog (Sonja) and I am moved beyond tears. I feel like your sweet darling mom resembled our sweet darling mom in so many ways.
You can instantly know I will be praying for you and for her and that we have been in those same shoes you are walking in now. I just love her from afar so much. God alone will keep on keeping you on. One thing I know, you will be richer from this mother of yours as her beautiful life will live on in you.

My prayers are yours,
Carol Joy

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