March 29, 2010

SOS! Sick as a dawg!!!

Hey Ya'll!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Quite frankly, mine and my sisters was awful - we were sick as a dawg!!  As I've previously shared with you, my sister arrived last week to spend time with our mama who's health has been's been very emotional but wonderful time!  Hearing mama retell of her angel sightings has been beyond precious.....Oh, what memories Diane and I will have to cling to after mama goes to heaven some day.  We've shed tears and been blessed with moments of  laughter...God is so good!

Diane and I decided to take a break and headed out on a short road trip to enjoy the beautiful Northern AZ spring weather and headed to Flagstaff friday with plans to continue on the The Grand Canyon on Saturday.  We checked into The Hampton Inn in Flag friday evening and was wonderfully surprised to find that my hubby had arranged for us to have a suite with a fireplace and a wonderful view of the snow capped San Francisco Peaks - simply glorious!!  After relaxing by our fireplace a bit we decided to take in a little retail therapy and then splurge on a sumptuous dinner.  We deliberated upon our dining choices and decided to head on over to my #1 pick in Flag if authenic, western, cowboy grub is what you're hankering!  We ordered identical meals, down to the same selections of salad samplings from the salad bar and sherbet for desert.  It was delicious!!!  I used to live in Flag and have eaten there many times but friday nights meal was the best ever!!  Diane and I have a saying that we use alot...."this will be a memory"!  Little did we know what a memory this cowboy grub would be!!!

We returned to our hotel plopped down on the sofa, propped up our feet in front of the fire and enjoyed ourselves......we laughed, reminisced and contemplated as the flames danced before us. We really needed this respite.  Can you say FABULOUS!!!  We decided to call it a day and anticipated an early morning departure to the Grand Canyon!!  So heart always sings at The Canyon!!

Fast forward to about 2:00 a.m. and I'm really not feeling too well.......And so it began, I was in the throws of food poisoning!  About thirty minutes later Diane comes dashing out of her room with the same thing!  OMgosh!  We were so sick.  I've only been that sick one time before in my life and it was when I had food poisoning and ended up in the ER!  I called my husband to pray.....we were really sick!  Diane and I tried to pray but basically were only able to call upon the name of Jesus in between bouts of severe nausea and everything that accompanies get the picture I'm sure!  I managed to stagger to the phone and call the front desk to tell them that we were not checking out tomorrow and told them our plight.  We had great favor...they were wonderful and sent someone across the street to buy us Gatorade, Pepto-Bismol, soda's and ice.  After about 32 hours non-stop of being horrifically sick we were finally able to check out and make the 1-1/2 drive home with a emergency bucket between us in the car...THANK YOU JESUS!!  We're still feeling really rough today, but so thankful last weekend is over.  Certainly not the memory we planned on, but I'm sure when we're all better and able to reflect we'll find something funny and memorable.......we always do!!

What I wanted to point out to you is that after I called my husband to pray, I kept wishing I could get to a computer and dash a quick SOS prayer request to all you wonderful bloggin' prayer warrior friends!  Even in between barfing (sorry, to be so blunt...but there was alot of that going on!)  I was trying to figure a way to post an SOS!  I thought if could just log on with my new droid phone I could post a quick prayer request to my bloggin' prayer peeps but trying to focus upon my text keyboard while being cross eyed with nausea was out of the question.

I thought allot about that situation.  You know, the world calls this bloggin' thing "social networking"- but to me it's soooo much more!   I've been blessed and amazed the times I'll be up posting in the late hours and get a encouraging word comment or a"praying now" response within  a few minutes!!  We bloggin' for Jesus gang are a powerful force - Glory to God!!  I looked up the words "social networking" today to learn of it's true meaning and origin and this what I found.....

Social is a 14th Century word with one of its meanings as
 "allied with or ally"

Network originates back to 1535 with the definition of "a fabric or structure of cords or wires
that cross at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings"

Ally is also a 14th Century word meaning "to bind to, to unite"

To put this into my own vernacular........Social networking is not a new thing.  To the contrary, it's an old thing that I believe the Spirit of God is using in our generation as a powerful bloggin' tool to strengthen members of the Body of Christ and point the lost to His knit us together as a strong structure representing the power of the completed work of Jesus upon the come into strong unbroken alliance with one another in the Mighty Name of have each others arms together and be about the Fathers stand in prayer for one another and encourage and lift the arms of those that are weary in battle and continue advancing forward!  When one member sends up an SOS we have them covered and pray and stand with them!!  It may be just social networking to some, but for us bloggin' for Jesus gang it's part of a mightily armed structure bound together by the Love of God and the Blood of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit!!  Hallelujah!!  This is what's been stirring within my heart in the midst of all the yuckiness of food poisoning over the weekend.   I didn't know I'd get my preach "on", but just had to share, my prescious bloggin' allies!  I've got your back, I'm praying for ya......when I see an SOS for help/prayer I'll stand with ya.....together with Him we will finish our race strong all for the glory of God!!

Oh.....and here's my delayed SOS!!  Please pray that my sister and I will get our strength back quickly!!  Diane must return to NC on friday.  She and her husband are pastors and it's necessary for her to be there for Easter, understandably.  But, it's gonna be very difficult for her to leave mama.  Would so appreciate your prayers of strength and encouragement for her.  Blessings to you my anointed ally friends!!

Gatoraide anyone?

I'm watching for your SOS!!

He is Faithful!!

Love and Sweet Blessings!
P.S.  It just occurred to me that the pink and green on my blog remind me too much of Lime Gatoraide and Pepto Bismol pink!!......I thought I was about ready for a bloggy makeover, BUT NOW I'm really ready!!! LOL!!!  I'm gettin' right on it!!!  LOL!!
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LisaShaw said...

Praying for you and your sister and covering over your families. Feel better soon in Jesus Name!!!

Hugs and blessings! said...

I feel so bad for you Jackie, but I am also laughing out loud!!! Oh, we have all had that horrible sick nausea and it's awful. But... your description is so funny that all I did was laugh... even though I'm so sorry you got sick.

By now you are probably feeling a little more human, but I WILL pray for your strength to return and get comepletely past this.

The blog color was the final laugh!! :)

Love you, rest....


Thena said...

Prayers for you and your sister. I've never had food poisoning, but have had stomach viruses that was pretty bad. It's terrible to be sick away from home.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I hate to get sick while traveling. It has happened to me before and after we returned home I had to have my gallbladder removed.
Just want you to know I am praying for you, your sister and your sweet mama.
Wow!!!! I was just thinking does your sister live anywhere near me? I would like to visit her church.
Feel better and God's quick healing to you.
Your sister in Christ,

Carol said...

My goodness, what a terrible thing to go through away from home! Praying that your strength will return soon.

Smiles & Hugs,

Nana Jul said...

We've got you and your sister covered! So sorry you got sick...that's awful to feel that way. Jesus will comfort and strengthen you both!
Love you,

Debbie said...

Oh Jackie I am so sorry you were soo sick and to be so far away from home too. I had a stomach flu once while we were camping. Everytime I was sick I had to crawl out of that tent and hike up the hill to the OUTHOUSE. It was truly a nightmare let me tell you. At least you were in a beautiful hotel with a comfy bed. I haven't camped since, haha... I love what you said about our blogging world and you are ever so right. I will pray for you all for sure. Your blog page color remarks were soo funny. Feel better soon. Hugs, Debbie

Karen said...

Prayers for strength and complete healing for you both...

Your words on our "social network" ring so a mighty army....

Alleluiabelle said...

I'm praying for you sweet friend...and so happy to hear that you got to spend time with your sister despite the physical setbacks. God is so good. I'm praying for a quick recovery from this.

Love you,

Saleslady371 said...

So sorry to read this and that your time with your sis was cut short. I'm praying for that time the enemy stole to come back in great measure this week and that you two will bounce back quickly. Praying for Miss Helene as well.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you and your sister were so sick...My prayers are lifted up for you both...Lord give them strength and comfort them...Be with them to have peace when her sister leave her mom...Be with thier mom...comfort her...We thank you for everything you do for us...We love you,adore you and praise you...Be with them and their family Jesus Name we pray...Amen! Jackie..thanks for stopping by and adding me on your follow lists...I am going to add you...Have a wonderful week with your sister...praying for ya'll an dyour mom..(((HUGS))) Katherinellen

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry that this happened - talk about a memory maker!
I'm glad you're both feeling better and YES - I will definitely keep you in prayer.

Rose said...

It is bad enough to be sick when you are at home, but oh my goodness to be in a hotel and THAT sick! Good grief, I feel so bad for you. Here is hoping that you all are feeling much better now! I agree with you...about our online support with our blogging friends.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Jackie, oh my goodness! So sorry this happened when you needed some time out! Praying now that you and your sister regain your strength supernaturally fast...Hope your mom is doing well, and I've been wondering about your daughter? Take hope! Prayers are happening!

Denise said...

Praying restoration of health and strength! I am so very sorry that you had to go through that...... I had food poisoning twice in my life and I was too sick to die! Praying that your sister gains her strength and returns home safety.......

Happy Easter.

Beth E. said...

Oh, terrible for you and your sister to be so sick on your trip....bless your hearts!

Praying that you will quickly regain your strength, and that the memories made from this day forward will be pleasant ones! :-)

Ella said...

Oh my socks Jackie ~~
Praying your strength returns quickly and that you and your sister recover from this awful bout .... Your all in our prayers.
Blessings, Ella

Anonymous said...

Awe mom!!! I'm so happy that you are feeling better! You and Aunt Diane shure do know how to make memories!!! I love you!! xoxox

Stacey said...

You got prayers, and yes memories were still made, even if they were not what you had imagined.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.....I got the same thing on Monday night. I did manage to have my husband pray and we sent an S.O.S. to my Mom. So from one sick dawg to another. I feel your pain. I am just getting off the couch a little. I'm not sure if it was Food Poisoning or a Stomach Virus. I am so sorry it ruined your trip. Mine just made me miss a whole week of work. :(

I love what you said about the bloggy world. I feel the same way. We pray, encourage, and lift the arms of the saints.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.....I got the same thing on Monday night. I did manage to have my husband pray and we sent an S.O.S. to my Mom. So from one sick dawg to another. I feel your pain. I am just getting off the couch a little. I'm not sure if it was Food Poisoning or a Stomach Virus. I am so sorry it ruined your trip. Mine just made me miss a whole week of work. :(

I love what you said about the bloggy world. I feel the same way. We pray, encourage, and lift the arms of the saints.


Terri Tiffany said...

It sounds more like the Norwalk virus, I work in a nursing home and finally caught it two weeks ago, Woke me at 2 am and then I lived by the toilet for sixteen hours. Also had a slight fever though some didn't get that part. took me off my feet a few days. Not fun! The nausea was the worst I have ever had before!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Oh sweet glad you made it thru's bad enough when you are sick at home...but AWAY from home...not ANY fun at all.
One time I was OUT OF THE COUNTRY..and spent the entire week in bed...some vacation !

I am very familiar with this condtion...have had it at least 4 times in my life. It really feels like you are going to die...or WAMT or the other.

Food Poisoning .....and found an aritcle...associated with it concerning two different Subway sandwich shoppes... (in this particular case.)

"The Health Department announced that lab-confirmed cases originated from shigellosis, an infectious disease caused by a group of bacteria known as shigella. Many of these cases require hospitalization and these patients have since recovered.
Treatment: Usually clears up on its own, but sometimes requires antibiotics such as ampicillin, trimethoprim, sulfamethoxazole, nalidixic acid or ciprofloxacin to shorten the course. Although diarrhea is a common symptom, antidiarrheal agents may WORSEN the illness.
Source: and the Illinois Department of Health".

I had never heard of this type of food poisoning you were both THAT sick..yours may have been THIS type too.
I pary that you and your sister regained your stength quickly enough for Easter Weekend.

Have joined your sweet blog. I am a follower of Christ as well..and love you blog.
I am going to send the part ...about "NETWORKING" some of my friends and family.


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