November 13, 2010


Hey Ya'll!

Do you have dreams that you're trusting God to fulfill?  Are there desires and aspirations that He's sown within your heart that you're still waiting to be manifested in your life?  Or, maybe you've grown weary and lost your passion to dare dream beyond your circumstances and believe that what He's promised will come to pass!

I think we all can relate to one or more of these questions!  I know I sure can!

Please join me over at Lisa Shaw Shares (click HERE) where I'm guest posting with Ladies On A Mission and sharing my heart thoughts regarding dreaming BIG with God...."Joyfully Bulging!"  I believe it will encourage your heart to stretch your faith and continue to believe in the Greatness of your God!  BIG dreams are no problem for our BIG God!

Thank you, Lisa!  I'm honored to be part of Ladies on a Mission!  May He be glorified as we follow hard after His Heart and reflect His Love, Mercy, Grace and transforming Power!


Love, Hugs and Big Dreamin' Blessings!
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Patty said...

I can't begin to tell you what your post meant to me and how God used your words to encourage me and confirm certain dreams that I know God put in my heart but I have questioned if I heard God correctly, our circumstances are overwhelming and the enemy has tried to stop me so many times! I have felt for years that God was leading me to write a book but I have been stuck. I can't believe you used that as an example. lol But God!

Thank you! I thank God for using your words to encourage me tonight.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Loved so much watching and hearing your voice for the first time on your little sidebar video. No wonder your posts seem filled with passion and energy. You are miss passion and energy!!! The love of the Lord SHINES very big through you out to us. Thank Y♥U.

Lee Ann

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Love you my friend. I visited Lisa earlier. Thank you for this inspiring post.
Your sister in Christ,

Sandy said...

Oh, that was good, Jackie!
I enjoyed reading your post
over at Lisa's and commented

LisaShaw said...


I love and appreciate your heart in the LORD! Thanks for being obedient to the LORD in saying "Yes Lord" to writing a message for LOAM when I asked. GOD has been glorified indeed in your heart of sharing!


Denise said...

Hello Jackie....... While reading your post I am reminded of the scripture " Without a vision my people perish"

How true that is.... Looking forward to the things that we hold tight in our hearts and believing the Father God to fulfill those dreams.. Sometimes we let the world and life creep in and try to steal our vision.......

We are to hold tight to those things that HE has placed in our hearts until the day that they are birthed!

Toia said...

I am heading over to Lisa'a to read your post!! Sometimes I do I have the tendency of feeling stuck when it comes to my dreams as far as to execute them and so on. However, I refuse to give up them. Blessings to you!!

Sharon said...

Oh yes - dreams I'm trusting God to fulfill! Dreams that seem like they'll never come true - unless He shows up! Dreams that only a GREAT God can accomplish, in HIS timing, and in HIS way.

Thanks for a great word - I really needed to hear it.


kathy taylor said...

Sometimes I need to be reminded that circumstances are smaller than God, insignificant for Him. Thanks for bringing it to my attention today.

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