March 21, 2010

Angel Sightings!!

Hey ya'll!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, words of encouragement and emails regarding my mama and what she's going through right now.  Words cannot adequately express what your love and prayer support means to us.  My mama may not understand the whole blog thing, but when I told her that my bloggy friends from all over the place were praying for her, she smiled........She UNDERSTANDS the power of prayer and the Lord's faithfulness!!

Oh, thought this would bless you.......she spoke yesterday of twice seeing an angel casually leaning against the wall.......She described the angel with hair the color of my sisters (brownish-blonde) and the most beautiful glowing, flowing robe she'd ever seen!  He was just relaxing as if to let her know he was there, she said!  As she shared this with me, my heart skipped a beat and I inwardly rejoiced in the comfort that the Holy Spirit is ministering to her in the midst of her pain.  I also had to laugh at my mama's continual wit ....... She kinda laughed with/at the angel about why he would wear such a long gown - "doesn't he trip over his gown?".... she jokingly quipped in her weak, gravelly Southern drawl between episodes of shooting pain.  We both burst out laughing!!  Another one of those memories that will forever be etched upon my heart that I just had to share (tears welling now)........

This Guardian Angel picture from my childhood and precious scripture comes to mind as I'm sharing mama's angel sightings with you.  May your heart be encouraged by this reminder that as we abide in Him we are forever surrounded by His loving embrace and mighty protection through every season........

For He shall give His angels
charge of thee,
to keep thee
in all thy ways.
They shall bear
thee up in their hands......
Psalm 91:11-12

Bless you precious ones for your prayers!  I'm praying for you and yours as well!!  We serve an awesome God!!!

He is Faithful!!

Love, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!
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Patrina said...

Jackie, I have this angel too, only mine in in statue form. It was my mama's. She had an angel collection. She was transferred to heaven in 02.

I cried when you shared that the Holy spirit is ministering to her even in her pain!!! How encouraging that it. I don't see that in Daddy. I pray that for him - but in his brain damage - he is left vulnerable and doesn't much feel or focus on His Holy spirit any more like when we were growing up. Doesn't even read the Bible any more. He even said it was boreing after the 7th time through in the last 2 years. It is heart-breaking for me. He used tobe a tower of spritual strength - I always saw him praying or reading his Bible.

These times are so special for you and you mama. God is building you a memory album for when she is transferred to heaven!! I just LOVE Him, don't you??

Hugs, and prayers my dear,
Patrina <")>><

sonja said...

Jackie & "Mama"...
I am praying for you, as are so many others, daily, many times.

The scripture you just used is such a comfort, and that's what He is doing right now... giving His angels charge over you, and of course... HE is in charge of even the angels! What an awesome comfort for each of us.

Praying for all the things that you are praying, and trusting God to be very close right now in this time.

Love and hugs to Mama and you!


Jo Whitehurst said...

Praying for comfort and the continual ministering of angels, through this difficult time. Love ya'! -jo

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing your mama's angel sitings. That is so awesome and encouraging.

RCUBEs said...

I had a lump in my throat sister Jackie reading this. Not because of having sadness, but of "joy" knowing that He sends ministering angels and that's true!

When my father got sick from colon cancer, he was in the ICU ward and couldn't speak as there were so many tubes in all of his orifices, there was an unsaved man who was placed on the bed next to him. That night, he wrote a message and told those caring for him for an urgent request for prayer of protection from me and my bro. So they texted me and my oldest bro. who is also a born-again Christian. Despite the miles between us, we started praying altogether.

He saw black small creatures going in and around that ICU room, bringing "fear". What he described next was so beautiful. Nurses think he was confused, but to me and my brother, it was a beautiful confirmation of His power and answered prayers. He saw a huge white being. He couldn't see any face but that it was so bright! He lifted his huge arm as if commanding those black things to leave the room and stood guard in that room. Peace immediately surrounded him, he wrote. And those black things were so scared.

My oldest bro. happened to be flying home to see him. When he got there, he was able to share the Lord with that unsaved man and he ended up accepting the Lord. Glory to God forever and ever!!!

That's why I am so happy when I read your post!!!May God continue to strengthen your mom and you guys. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. You blessed me so!

Andrea said...

Isn't GOD awesome! I love how HE reveals HIMSELF!!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blogs. Hugs, andrea

PS: I love that you love my furry babies..especially my big guys!

Andrea said...

Continuing to storm the heavens for your mom!!

Lynda Young said...

Many prayers for your Mama and your whole family.

Diana said...

Blessings and prayers your way................

Free Pretty Things For You said...

reading your post i couldnt help but just tear up with joy.. thank you for sharing this precious moment your sweet mama had! Our God is A Good God!

Karen said...

That angel print hung on the wall over my bed when I was a little girl...and later over my sons' beds when they were young...

Your mom's angel for you...our God is so good...and His assurances are the best comfort we can get...

Praying for you and your mama....

Anonymous said...

My Mom died August 5th after falling and breaking her hip June 12th. She was doing good and getting ready to go home. She died peacefully. My Daddy had dementia and was also suffering from esophagus cancer. He could not remember that mother had died. He died September 29th. He died at home. The morning he died, I was sitting by his bed and he waved his hand in the air. I said "are you waving at Mother?" He said "yes she was talking to him". I asked what she was saying and he said she told me to come on. About an hour later he pointed up to the ceiling and ask if I heard that. He said the angels were talking to each other. I was so blessed I held both my Mother and Daddy's hand to the gates of heaven. They were 67 years in May and now they are together again and I'll join them one day. You are in my prayers. God bless you.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful and encouraging story. The Lord has your mother in His hands!!!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog :) I wrote you back on mine, but I wanted to write you here as well. Yes, it is a very small world! Its lovely thinking of your daughter here in Jacksonville with us! And knowing you are in Az! LOL! I plan on visiting again :)

Kind regards and God bless :)


Saleslady371 said...

I've been loving the topic of angels lately. Been praying that great big ones go with Susanna when she leaves with her dad. So your words comfort me. So glad your mom is comforted by our prayers!

Deborah Ann said...

This morning when I lifted you and your mom up in prayer, I had the most incredible sensation of love and peace...but mostly JOY! Overflowing, filled to the brim joy. I thanked God for giving you this beautiful mom, because you turned out so great, I'm sure she's a big part of that.

I will continue to pray for your family as God lays them on my heart.


Whoa! Word verification:

"kingonkn" (King on King! Woo Hoo!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie. Oh...I thought about Miss Helene this morning..and what you wrote about her in your previous post. God is doing more than I prayed for...Just to think God allowed her to see the angel with physical eyes made my heart leap with joy...much be Jesus! The song...IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL...came to my lips when I committed her to prayer this morning. The rest...I leave to HIM who knows best.

With love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie. Oh...I thought about Miss Helene this morning..and what you wrote about her in your previous post. God is doing more than I prayed for...Just to think God allowed her to see the angel with physical eyes made my heart leap with joy...much be Jesus! The song...IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL...came to my lips when I committed her to prayer this morning. The rest...I leave to HIM who knows best.

With love and hugs,


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Oh, I just love how the Holy Spirit is ministering to your mom!

Praying for her and for you my friend,


Rose said...

Jackie, I love it when I hear stories about how God sends his angels to minister to those he loves. How funny that your mom is finding humor in it as well. We are still lifting you up in prayers. HUGS!!!

Nana Jul said...

Very very Awesome! I love the southern wit....Tell Ms. Helene I don't think Angels can trip because they're flying..teehee.
Jackie, the Lord's showing you He's with your mama...and with you too!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Just want you to know your sweet mama is in my prayers. It is getting close. My mama also saw very heavenly things . . . angels. . . my aunt. . . my grandmother . . . has she neared her homegoing.
It was in October of last year when Mama left us. I will not lie to you and say I do not miss her . . . I do. What I will say is I know she is in a much better place . . . she is happy . . . she is dancing . . . she is with Jesus.
Please keep my e-mail address if you need me my friend. You and your mama will be in my prayers.
Your sister in Christ,

Where Your Treasure Is said...

I'll be praying for your Mama. I Love this story about the angels. We need to hear these kinds of testimonies more often. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog. Thank you for visiting mine.
God Bless,

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