January 8, 2011


Happy New Year, ya'll!

Well, I know that I'm a week late, but I'm finally getting it together and welcoming 2011! I pray that you had a blessed holiday season and entered the new year with great joy and anticipation of big things in God in 2011!  To be honest with you, however, 2010 was a REAL challenge for me so Christmas and News Years were celebrated in a very low key fashion this year......I just wasn't that into it and that is soooo not like me!  

As I was in my reflection mode this morning, it occurred to me that my 2010 was more like a long slow motion scene from the Matrix movie.  You know, the kind where Keanu Reeves is dodging bullets and enemy attacks from all sides  in sloooo moooootion while being contorted every which way in order to out maneauver the enemies tactics.  Yep!  That's about how 2010 was for me!  Plenty of blessings (PTL!), but lots of warfare too!  Frankly, I've really been in a battle weary contorted slo mo funk for a while, ya'll....Just being real here!

For the last several weeks I've been seeking the Lord about my funky forlorn frame of mind an lo and behold! - as I was cleaning house yesterday and listening to praise radio in the background, the song you hear playing with this post "It's a New Day" by Hillsong London came on and before I knew it, a wave of  crazy praise erupted from deep within my battle weary heart and emotions and my forlorn funkiness fled and freedom freely flooded my soul as I praised the Lord and danced my self happy all over the house!  I even downloaded "It's a New Day" and looped it so it played nonstop through out my house all day!!  Whoo! Hoo!  Glory Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! It's a new day!  Bye, bye 2010!  He lifted my head and imparted a fresh anointing of zeal, hope, strength, encouragement and expectation within my heart.  I can now begin my journey into a horizon filled with 365 brand new days ahead in Him!!  Glory to His Name!
Oh yes, I still have many unanswered prayers and promises of God that I'm standing in faith for and will certainly continue to contend for breakthroughs and miracles for family, friends and loved ones as I  journey into the new days ahead.  There will always be challenges and uncertainties along life's way, no doubt.  But one thing of which I am certain - He has never stopped leading me through and to the other side of difficult times and will never stop speaking His peace, love and encouragement to my heart all along the way.   That's the way His Heart operates toward His beloved children!  As we cling to the Hand of the One who goes before us and lean ever so closely upon Him with a listening heart that is quick to trust and obey His directions, He is faithful to bring us through!

The enemy may attempt to set up road blocks of fear, doubt, unbelief, rejection, setbacks and disappointments and the like in efforts of stopping or impeding our forward progress in our faith walk with the Lord.  And the winds of opposition may fiercely blow and tempt us to give up, cave in and quit.  BUT, praise God forevermore!......He has given us authority in His Name, filled us with the power of the Holy Spirit and fully equipped us with mighty armor (Eph 6:10-18) and the unstoppable arsenal and weaponry of prayer and praise and the power of His  living Word that is mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (II Cor 10:3-5)! PTL!  He has anointed you and I to be more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) in each and every brand new day!!  Hallelujah and Glory to His Name!

I believe with my whole heart that He's calling us into deeper places of intimacy, trust, faith, rest and peace in Him in 2011.  I've heard the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit prompting me to seek Him and His Presence like never before.  And I believe He's also speaking the same to each of His children. Simply put....He's calling you and I to more face and heart time with Him in 2011.  It's within the Secret Place in the Presence of Perfect Love that all fear is dispelled, wounds of the heart and emotions are healed, discouragement, disappointments, despair, weakness and unrest are replaced with His healing balm of encouragement, peace, rest and supernatural strength and fullness of joy! The depths of His Heart is calling your name and mine. Let us respond to His loving call and cling confidently to the One who knows what our today's and tomorrows hold.....He's already been there and has come to walk us through each and every 365 brand new days!

For I the Lord thy God
will hold thy right hand saying unto thee,
fear not, 
for I will help thee.
Isaiah 41:13


Love, Hugs and Happy New Year!


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Sandy said...

Amen Jackie! He is always faithful
to lead us through all these tests
and trials on to victory!
Thanks for the encouragement, as
always. Love the new look of your
Still standing with you for all
your family needs.
Hope your weekend is filled with
even more of Him!
Love you,

Rose said...

Wow Jackie what a wonderful post. I think you described a lot of how my life was this past year and yet when I really, really am truthful with myself, I know God was there all those times I felt like a hollow shell. Praise The LORD indeed! Thanks for sharing your heart for in doing so, you have really touched mine. HUGS!

Yolanda said...

Headed to listen to it right now...am thankful that is is a New Day.


Mining for Diamonds said...

A beautiful post! How encouraging!!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes praise does miracles! Believe you described me also? It is good to hear from you, for 365 New Days!

Cathy said...

We've lived such a year also, but I clinging to the promises He has given. He is good and I know He'll take us through.

Thank you for the encouragement of your post. God is so good and He is always trustworthy

Dianne said...

Happy New Year! Wow! Your blog look is so uplifting!

Hoping 2011 is just what you are expecting it to be.


Sassy Granny ... said...

What an amazing road the Lord lays out before us! I love it that He goes before; then comes behind.

I chuckled at the "funky forlone" ... Been there; done that! The blahs have a way of rooting when least expected (or wanted).

More of Him. That's what I want in the days to come, and in the days that follow those.

Great post!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Happy New Year my friend. I hope you got my thank you e-mail. I have been praying for you the last few weeks ...
God has also been tugging on my heart strings. I am ready for a new day ... new year and what ever else HE has planned for us.
Please keep praying for me too.
I am enjoying my Christmas goodies!!! Thank you.
Blessings and hugs,

Denise said...

Standing in the middle of faith.. Waiting on the Lord.. HE is faithful.. when we are not..... Thank goodness..... Standing having done all.......

Nana Jul said...

Wow Jackie...what a Power packed post!! I love the new look...and I feel your revival! I believe too he's calling all of us to listen intently for His Whispers...and to shout from the roof tops what He's saying!
I'm glad your back! Missed ya!
Happy New Year!

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Jackie,

I Love your complete honesty, and just laying it all out there, sharing your heart.

You wrote; "Let Us Respond To His Loving Call..."

This is what it's all about, Amen! Lets all run the race together!

God bless you, and Happy New Year :o)

sunnycalgirl said...

Gee! reading this was like a shot in the arm for me..lol! What a blessing! Like to hear that you are a dance partner too. Love it! I appreciate your transparency with us. Thank you!

Sonja said...

the slo mo funks come to all of us, but thank God, they don't stay! He is the very one who chases those funks right out the door! :)

Nene said...

Hello Jakie! Your visit on my blog today was a blessing. Your words touched my heart. I am so happy I found another sister in Christ to fellowship with in the Blog world. I just started back up again - as you know I moved. I have a little girl who is Autistic, and on a never ending journey of many adventures. God Bless you this New Year and so looking forward to our friendship.

Hugs, Nene

Sharon Kirby said...

Great word, Jackie.

I am feeling a new calling for this year, too - and I agree, I think God is speaking to ALL of His children in a new way.

I look forward to this coming year - and to all that God will accomplish!

Loved the verse you shared - thank you.




Yes, the snow has been wonderful for the past two years here in Southern, NJ. We never had snow like this before! I always ponder it as God's blanket of pure LOVE over us -

Blessings from above!


Terri Tiffany said...

You are such an uplifting person Jackie. My year was much like yours, ups and downs and I am waiting to see what God has in store this year but giving it all to Him.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, you are just full of it, Jackie. The Holy Spirit, I mean, heheh. I love all the encouragement you supply here. God is so good to bring bloggers together! Hope this is your bestest year ever...

Saleslady371 said...

I agree, Jackie, and look forward to a year of seeking Him, the perfection of love Himself. I, too, love to praise Him and watch that discouragement lift and leave every time. Here's to the year ahead, dear sister!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Keep to the deeper dig, sister. God is unearthing great treasures in the hearts of his people who are willing to go further with him. I'm in; I know you are as well.

I'll meet you on the road of Peace!


Debbie said...

I saw your comment on my blog between intermittent power and internet losses. I'm finally able to pay you a visit.

I love this! I love how you call it a "funky forlorn frame of mind". You captured me at times perfectly.

And just like you, I can hear God speak so loudly through music. I have been convicted by your exact thoughts recently. It's not only a near year, it's a NEW DAY. When I consider that those mercies are new every morning, how can I wake up in a funky forlorn fog?

Excellent post. I SO glad you stumbled on my blog so that I could stumble back. I think you speak my language, sistah.

christy rose said...

Amen Jackie! I agree He is calling us all to more intimacy with Him! Loved your honesty and openness in your post here today! And what an awesome Scripture to end it with. God will help us through it all!
I think it is awesome to realize that in every day we can say we have 365 new days ahead of us not just in a new year. God's mercies are new every morning! I love to think that every day is a new start too!

Hope you have a great week,
God Bless,

Jacquelyn Stager said...

love your honesty Jackie! would any of us know the joy of the mountaintops if we never spent time in the valleys? I'm looking forward to all that God has in store for this new year too. Taking one day at a time, desiring more of HIM, and so wanting to be in the deeper place. Amen! Happy New Year friend!

Karen said...

Amen! Amen!

From your opening sunflower explosion to the final written word...blessed encouragement overflows here! Thank you so much for sharing this, Jackie! This post is being bookmarked to read again and again!

Toia said...

This is very inspirational post and it gets me excited for the new year and the blessings that lie ahead!!!

Pamela said...

I love the title of your blog. A thrilling thought. This psot was so encouraging and thought provoking. Blessings on your day.

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