February 7, 2011


Hey ya'll!

I pray that each of you had a wonderfully blessed weekend!  Alot going on here, my heart is full and allot to share so this post is a bit longer than usual.  But I pray that you'll stick with me to the end...

I    hardly    know    where   to   begin,  but  want  to first share that 
little   did   I   know (BUT HE DID)  that  my  last  Thursday's   post 
"STAY FOCUSED" would become the Word of the Lord...a Living Word and anchor from His Heart to mine by Friday afternoon.  I shared in Thursday's post that the Lord has been speaking to me allot lately about keeping my eyes set and fully focused upon Him and guarding my mind against runaway thoughts of doubt, fear and unbelief and securely placing my hope, faith and trust upon Him and His promises LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

On Friday afternoon, as I was walking in the door with an already heavy heart from visiting my Sweet Mama at the nursing home, we received a call from our dear SIL Bryan that our daughter, Katie,  had fallen seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital.  Of course, as with any parent, receiving news that your child is in crisis or peril sends a jolt to your heart and mind, but as I learned the news about Katie it was as though I could hear the words of my last post...."STAY FULLY FOCUSED UPON HIM"!..."KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS AND GAZE FIXED UPON HIM AND HIS PROMISES"....."IT'S TIME TO BE BELIEVERS WHO REALLY BELIEVE HE WILL DO WHAT HE SAID HE WILL DO AND PLACE OUR COMPLETE FOCUS, TRUST AND THOUGHTS UPON HIM AND ABIDE IN HIS PERFECT PEACE"!........

knew immediately in my Spirit that this was why He has been speaking so strongly to my heart about keeping my focus upon Him and His Word and reigning in any and all  thoughts that were contrary to His Promises.  As I sat down at the kitchen table with my husband and began to pray, the strongest sense of PEACE I've ever experienced came up from within me....a Peace that is beyond understanding...Glory to His name!!  When my mind was tempted to wander and be carried away with worry, it was as if a Holy Spirit magnet would draw my thoughts quickly back to His Promises and into His Peace!

We were up most of the night praying and on the phone with Bryan getting updates and I finally fell asleep in the early hours before daybreak Saturday.  As I was waking up, I began to pray Psalm 23 over Katie....As a parent I wanted so much to hold and comfort her but they live in another state....my heart was aching.  I continued to pray Psalm 23 and found my heart personalizing it just for her.  It brought this mama's heart such comfort to know that The Great Shepherd was with my child and holding, protecting and ministering to her every need.  I then felt led to  paraphrase and personalize Psalm 23 over myself, my husband and each of my children and their spouses...the anointing was so strong as I layed upon my bed before daybreak praying His Word in such a personalized way.  After awhile, I found myself praying over both mine and my sisters entire family!  There seems to be so many of my loved ones walking through deep valley's right now.  The anointing was so sweet and strong upon my prayer time....It was as if The Great Shepherd was tenderly holding each of my loved ones against His breast and ministering Peace and Comfort to their heart.  I arose from prayer and went to my computer and typed what the Spirit had ministered to me and emailed everyone "A Love Letter from The Great Shepherd".  Bryan immediately printed Katie's and took it to the hospital to encourage and comfort her....oh, the wonder of the technology of our times! PTL!

I feel led, dear blog friends, to share what the Lord gave me and pray that it blesses and encourages you as well.  One of my family members told me earlier today that their "Love Letter" ministered such comfort and assurance and reminded them that they are never alone....The Great Shepherd is with them every step of the way.  Glory to God!

As I noted above, I personalized each "Love Letter" by inserting my loved ones name.  In the "Love Letter" below I encourage you to insert your name wherever you see the highlighted area.  I usually don't permit copying of anything on my site, but feel in my heart that The Great Shepherd wants you to have His love letter too,  so please feel free to copy it if you'd like.  You are His beloved child and just as a shepherd watches over his sheep, He lovingly watches over every detail of your life and holds you in His tender care........

The Great Shepherd's Love Letter

"Because I Love You So!"

Psalm 23
(adaptation and emphasis added)

I, the Lord, am your Great Shepherd.
I lovingly guard, protect, defend and rescue you.
I make a way where there seems no way and provide for your
every need in every way.
Because I love you so!

I make you lie down in green lush pastures beside still quiet waters.
I speak to your storm "peace be still" and My great calm flows over your entire being.

I heal, restore, make brand new and refresh your
Spirit, Soul (mind, will and emotions) and Body......
reaching unto your very core.
You are forever transformed by my Mighty Hand of 
Mercy and Grace.
Because I love you so!

I guide you along the right paths....
My ways and My ways of doing things.....
and you follow.
My heart delights as you stay close and follow me, your
Great Shepherd.

Even though you journey the darkest valley and seasons where there seems no light on the horizon - I, your Great Shepherd, 
will hold you close to my heart and bear you up upon my everlasting arms and lead you through to complete wholeness and freedom...nothing missing, nothing broken.
Because I love you so!

Therefore, my beloved, you have no reason to fear....
for you are with Me and I am with you, my child.
Like a shepherd's crook and staff leading his tender flock,
I your Great Shepherd, guide, protect and defend you and bring you into safe and comfortable places.
Because I love you so!

I prepare a banqueting table laden with my unending provision of great and precious promises in the presence of the one(s) who are against you and I.....
For when they touch you, they touch Me....I am your strong defense.
Abide in my Presence and partake of my promises, for in and through Me, all darkness must flee and My Hand you will see!
Because I love you so!

I lovingly pour over your life the blessing of the rich, 
productive, fertile and living
Oil* of My Spirit
and you shall overflow and bear much fruit for my Glory!

Know assuredly, my child, that My Spirit is within and upon you.  And my loving kindness, mercy, goodness, unfailing love and faithfulness will overshadow you all the days of your life and you will continually dwell in my sweet Presence forever!
Because I, your Great Shepherd, love you so, ______!

*Oil=Hebrew "shemen".... richness, fruitful, perfumed, become fat - rich and fertile

Praying that you have a wonderful week, dear friends, and rest in the assurance that as we fix our focus upon Him, The Great Shepherd, will tenderly guide, provide and protect us all along our way!

Also, I humbly ask that you would remember my daughter Katie in your prayers for complete healing, restoration and quick recovery, in Jesus Mighty Name!


Love and Hugs!


Image credit:
Shepherd Image via: adw.org
Heart image via: dezignus.com
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Sandy said...

Dearest Jackie,
My husband and I just prayed for
sweet Katie, Bryan, you and your
husband, and all the rest of the
family. Thank you for your very
encouraging words of faith to
all of your friends today.
Love you,

~Tracy~ said...

Thank you for sharing this and thank you for allowing us to share.. I know SOOO many people right now (including myself) who need to read this today...

Praying for Katie!


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Praying for you and your sweet family. HE is faithful my friend.
Hugs and blessings,

Kim-Stuff could be worse said...

Oh I do understand praying for the kids! We do love them, I have to remember that Jesus cares for them also. This post is very thoughtful...

christy rose said...

I love the Love Letter! How powerful!!

Praying for your daughter to quickly recover and receive complete healing from her Great Shepherd!

Andrea said...


Thank you for sharing from your heart. There are so many people struggling right now. My prayer list is enormous with devastating illnesses, etc. Thank you for your prayers, constant encouragement, and support. God truly blessed me when I met you through the blog world.

I have an award for you at arise 2 write. It is the second post down. You have "more than" a stylish blog here. It is a blog that truly glorifies our Lord.

I have a prayer request at All Gods Creatures.

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Debbie said...

Oh Jackie thank you soo much for sharing this letter. It is wonderful and soo ministered to me. I have prayed for your Katie and for your whole family. I know just how you must feel not being able to go see her. Praise God He knows too, and has given you His peace to lean on. HUGS, Debbie

Nana Jul said...

Wow...your prayer...how absolutely beautiful, and powerful! I will be sharing your prayer for sure. Thank you. Yes...The LORD has Katie in HIS MARVELOUS and Gentle care! I Will be praying for Katie...He did it before, and He's faithful and can Heal her again!!
Hang onto Jesus!!

Rose said...

Such a heartfelt post and one that most parents can identify with. We will be praying for your daughter. Hugs!

Beth E. said...

Praying for Katie, her husband, and your entire family!

You Love Letter is perfect. You have no idea how much I needed to read that today.

As a very dear and wise friend always says...HE IS FAITHFUL! :-)


Chatty Crone said...

I hope you sweet Katie will be restored to health soon. Prayers and hugs. sandie

Alleluiabelle said...

You have ministered deeply to my heart this night my friend.

My prayers will be said for your sweet daughter Jackie, for you and for your entire family.

Love you,

Godsgalnj said...

I truly love how the Lord speaks strongly to us about something beforehand - and then helps us through. May the Lord continue to cause you to be a light to those around you - the Love Letter is truly beautiful. Hoping for a quick recovery period for Katie!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I love those precious times when God prepares our hearts in advance and we can know He is so close. Praying your daughter will regain her health soon and your mother's heart will remain focused on HIM. Thanks for sharing so deeply and personally Jackie. You are a sweet sister.

Denise said...

Bless you for sharing this sweet friend, love you. I am praying for your precious daughter Katie.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. Our children & grandchildren are so often the focus of our prayer lives; and rightfully so. I think of how blessed is the Lord for our contending on their behalf; and who better than a mother?


Nezzy said...

On my knees now liftin' sweet Katie up for quick and complete recovery. I know what a mother's heart feels like when her daughter is seriously ill. God is good and He cares for us.

The love note is just incredible and the best idea ever sweetie!!!

God bless ya and have a beautiful day!

Debbie said...

I am just this evening getting a chance to visit blogs. I am so glad that I didn't miss out on this completely.

First, because I want to be a part of the adventure of prayer for your daughter Katie. I pray that at this very writing, you are praising for her wellness and recovery.

Second, because the Shepherds Love Letter was divinely inspired and filled my heart. I loved the way you personalized it.

I particularly liked the part about "enemies" when you said, "when they touch you, they touch me."

What a wonderful shepherd we have.
Lifting you, your daughter, and your entire family to Jehovah Rapha. I AM the God who heals...

Still focusing...
Debbie (on Wheels)

Tammi said...

Dear Jackie,
Oh my. How the Lord has prepared your heart!! And how He has, by the power of His Holy Spirit, given you words ..wonderful words of encouragement for all of us. Thank you so very much for taking time to share this personal story and heart-strengthening poem. I could sense the Holy Spirit's power as I read this. Our pastor is preaching on the 23rd Psalm, and I plan on sharing this with him. May the Lord continue to strengthen you...and also give Katie complete healing! Thank you for keeping us posted.
Sending a big hug!

Sharon Kirby said...

Dear Jackie -

Oh, how I pray that your family is upheld through this "valley of shadow." Please keep me updated on Katie.

I loved the Love Letter - what a very GOOD Shepherd we have. And I took every word of this to heart. It was very comforting.

Thanks for sharing - I really needed to hear this tonight.


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Will pray for Katie and your family as soon as I am finished typing this Jackie. The Love Letter is BEAUTIFUL.

Deborah Ann said...

Well Katie must be a real threat to the enemy. But praise God, we have immediate entrance to the throne of God through the blood of Jesus! No need to wait for an animal to sacrifice, just these words "I PLEAD THE BLOOD!" and we're in. God is so beautiful, to give you peace, all those miles away. No time or distance can keep us away from the love of God. I know He is healing Katie right now, and there will be yet another praise report! To God be the glory!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear JAckie,
As I read this I am praying for Katie. And praying that God's peace will continue to surround you. And God;s healing oil to be poured on her to reach every part of her body restoring it to wholeness.

Thank you for the love letter.

I will print it out and pray it for each of my loved ones.

Love to you today, Valentine's.


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