March 7, 2011


Hey Ya'll!

I pray that everyone is rejoicing on this beautiful March morning! This is the new day that He's made just for you and I........a new beginning....a fresh new page....perhaps the beginning of a brand new chapter as He writes His-story in your life!  It's a new day to rejoice in the goodness and faithfulness of our God!  Glory to His Name!!!

I've been MIA from blogging since last month as I recovered from a bad case of the flu and felt called aside by the Spirit to rest and pray and spend time with Him.  As many of you know, my daughter Katie fell ill last month and I again want to THANK YOU for your prayers!  The prayer power in the blogoshere still amazes me.  It's the Body of Christ in action in her purest form, I think.  We don't even know each other really accept by our little thumbnail pictures on our profiles and what we post about..... but we share His heart of passion within each of us to stand and encourage and uplift one another.....awesome, isn't it!  Katie is doing well and would so appreciate your continued prayers as she has an outpatient procedure later this week.  We expect all to go well and a good report in Jesus Mighty Name!!!  I plan to visit her in Florida next month!!  Yippee!!!!

Up until last Tuesday, I felt that I couldn't leave town because of my 91 year old Sweet Mama's health (she lives in a nursing home near me in Northern AZ, recently had pneumonia and her heart is in Afib) but I'd been soooo praying about attending the Women on the Frontlines conference which was set to begin last Thursday at my church in Phoenix.  On Tuesday, I felt peace about leaving town, gathered my outfits for the conference packed my Bible and a fresh new journal and went on line to register.  As I clicked on the registration tab, my eyes could not believe the words on my screen....EVENT SOLD OUT!  Let me tell you, girls....I had a melt down of epic proportions.....and to put it bluntly.... I was crying and slinging snot for an hour, unpacked my clothes, threw them back into my closet and then like an after shock of an earthquake had another melt down wave of disappoint hit me again and started the blubbering all over again!   I called my husband who was out of town on business, interrupted his business meeting (not always wise BUT THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY, ya'll!) and these were my exact words as he answered my call (in between my sniffing, crying and snorting)...."Hey Honey, I'm so sorry to bother you, but (sniff, snort, cry, sob) I have no one else to tell this to (snif, snort, cry, sob)....I just know I'm supposed to be at that conference and I just learned that it's sold out!!!....I just can't believe this....I just can't believe this!!!!...(more crying, snorting and sniffing, sobbing!!).....Why would He wait until Tuesday to give me peace about leaving and the event sell out before I registered????"....(sniff, snort, cry, sob, again)!!  My Sweetie of 35 years knows when I fall apart to this degree, that I'm really hurting...this is not hormonal or emotional.....this is real!!!  He calmly said "God will work this out, honey....God will work this out."  We got off the phone and I took a deep heart of faith said "yes He will"....but the voice of reason in my head said "but how can's sold out!".

Without going into detail.....let me just say this...GOD DID WORK IT OUT!!! GLORY HALLELUJAH, YEA GOD!!!!!  I WENT TO THE WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINES CONFERENCE!!  Whooo!  Hooo!  He put it in my heart to go and He made a way!!!

By Tuesday night, I repented for throwing my clothes in the closet (honestly it was more of a tantrum than throwing...just  being 
real : ))).....repacked my outfits and stuff and rejoiced in great anticipation of what He had for me at the conference!   He is sooo faithful....I love Him soooo much!!

Let me just say it this way......the conference was packed with women (and some men also attended) from all over the world with an insatiable hunger for His presence! AND HE VISITED US!!!  The prophetic praise and worship was out of this world.....The Presence of the Lord was indescribable.....The movings of the Spirit were so strong that I can't even begin to explain it......The Joy of the Lord invaded our hearts....lives were, purpose and destiny imparted with clarity.....we wept, laughed, praised, rejoiced, and were called into the next level in Him.....each of us left, I'm sure, with a new fire in our bones!  The depths of His heart called unto our hearts and we responded.... He poured out His love and manifested His Spirit upon us from Thursday morning until the last meeting ended Saturday night.  I've attended many, many conferences and retreats over my years of walking with the Lord and this was by far the best ever.....I was meant to be there and He made a way!!!  

One of the highlights were the Divine Connections He made for me over the weekend.  Seriously, there were women from all over the globe in attendance...I loved worshipping with them!!   There was such a freedom and unity of heart in one accord....We experienced His outpouring individually and corporately in such a mighty way....awesome! I always pray that my steps are ordered and my path made plain and I met some of the most wonderful sisters in the Lord ever.  The picture above are my new Canadian sisters who are aglow with His Heart and a passion for ministry.....they inspired and enriched my life.  From left to right....Valerie from Ottawa has a passion to sing for her King....she's precious, He's gonna use her in very anointed special ways!;  then me...the one who almost didn't get there BUT GOD MADE A WAY! WHOO HOOO!; then Kareen...the Lord connected us the very first God thing!!  She and her husband pastor in the Ottawa area....such a powerhouse anointed woman of God..luv her....feel like she's my daughter!!!;...Izzy from Victoria...we didn't meet until the last meeting.....she has such a precious smile and her countenance beautifully radiates Him!..... I pray that we'll meet again some day this side of Heaven and share together in the Wonder and Goodness of our God!  If not....I know we'll have a blast in Heaven worshipping Him together and reminiscing about our Divine Connection in Phoenix and the wonder of being in His Presence together!!!  What an awesome God we serve!!!

Well, I guess I better close now....That's what's been going on in my corner of His world and I look forward to visiting you and getting caught up on your goings on, my sweet bloggin' friends!!  I must get to the nursing home and spend time with my Sweet Mama.

May we always remember....


Have an abundantly blessed week, ya'll!!  And many thanks for your prayers for Katie!



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Mining for Diamonds said...

Awesome!!!! Praise God for His provision! I love stories like that!

Kathleen said...

Your enthusiastic heart comes through loud & clear! I'm delighted you got to join the ladies but, more important, I'm delighted you got to experience His special touch while there.


Sandy said...

I am so happy you were able to go
to the conference, Jackie, and that
you receive from the Lord while
I love hearing all the news about
your sweet family.
You are a joy and an inspiration.
Praying for your sweet mama and
all the rest of you.

Beth Herring said...

i just love it when God hears our cry and delights in our desires!!

Cathy said...

He is always faithful. I'm so glad He worked it out for you to go.

BARBIE said...

Welcome back Jackie! So thankful to hear both you and Katie are doing better. I will continue my prayers for Katie. Your retelling of the conference story had me laughing! Isn't it wonderful how God provides for us? I am so glad you got to go and experience the presence of the Lord there.

Beth E. said...

Oh, Jackie, you made me laugh out loud with your description of your "crying and slinging snot"! I've been known to do my own fair share of "slinging". ;-)

I'm so glad you got to go to the conference. Praise God for your sweet husband!


Beth E. said...

P.S. Praying for you, your daughter, AND your mama


Loved this post!! I laughed out loud with your description of your "meltdown"....

And God is so good, amen?!?! That is so evident!

So glad you were able to attend the conference!!


Debbie said...

Oh Jackie I am soo happy for you! I just love to hear stories like this. We serve such an awesome and mighty God! Your joy is so contagious...thanks for sharing it with us....Glad your daughter is doing better. HUGS, Debbie

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I am glad you got better with the flu stuff. The conference sounds like a joyous time!

Saleslady371 said...

So glad He made a way to this conference. I love being with passionate Christians who are hungry and thirsty for more of Jesus too.

Andrea said...

I promise I have not forgotten about you. I have been praying though I did not know specifically about your daughter. Praising GOD she is doing better and GOD is working in miraculous ways in and through your life. GOD BLESS YOU!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

As always, you had me rolling on the floor here! I'm so glad you got to deserved this and I know you were so blessed. But come on, you gotta tell us how God worked it out!

Terri Tiffany said...

You lift my spirits when I read your words!! So happy you went and so happy you are rested and healthy again!

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