January 12, 2010

My Divine Passenger!

Hey ya'll!
I'm not sure what kind of weekend you had, but mine was really not fun at all! I've really been dragging for several weeks but when I started running a temp of 102+, congestion in my chest, bad rattling cough last Thursday......This meant WAR!!! I mean, I went through this last Summer and was very ill for six weeks with acute bronchitis and bronchial spasms, absolutely could not breathe and ended up in the ER, with breathing treatments, inhalers, numerous perscription med's to attack the "bug" as my doctors called it that was causing such inflamation in my lungs and bronchial tubes. There were weeks of recovery and then weeks of laryngitis because my larynx had been so strained from such violent coughing!! The fear that tried to come against my mind and emotions was off the charts! I'm very serious when I tell you, the bronchial spasms were like being smothered to death. The natural reaction to being smothered is panic and let me tell you, the first couple of times these spasms started, even though only brief, the panic and fear that came against my mind and emotions was VERY real and everything in me would literally fight the panic and cry out to God for help! As each spasm passed, I was exhausted from gasping and fighting for my bronchial tubes to OPEN UP so my lungs could FILL UP! I clung to the faithfulness of my Lord and the power of His Word and the Mighty Name of Jesus, let me tell ya!!

At this point last Summer I had only experienced the bronchial spasms a couple of times and was really standing against them with the Word and spending time in His Presence. It was a Monday morning, my husband and I were standing on the healing promises of God, he left for work. I did a breathing nebulizer treatment, used my inhaler and went to the porch to try to relax, drink lemon w/honey hot tea and get into the Word. Now typically, my Bible of choice is my lovingly marked, old and tattered King James Bible but for "some reason" on this day I decided to grab my Message Bible. I had no particular scripture or chapter in mind so I turned to my fav "go-to" book, Psalms, and just began reading. As I turned the pages, I randomly stopped upon Psalm 71 and was just reading along when verse 23 nearly jumped off the page.......

"When I OPEN UP in song to You,
My rescued life a song"
Psalm 71:23 Message (emphasis added)

If ever I knew that this was a Word from the Lord for me....this was one!!! I wanted to run, jump, do a cartwheel and twist and shout BUT Wisdom said remain calm, take easy breaths and rest! Let me tell you, I was obedient to the Spirit of Wisdom's direction but on the inside my heart was happy dancing all over the place before my King!! Glory Hallelujah!! Praise His Name for Evermore! Thank you Jesus!

Little did I know that just a few short hours later I would be in the ER with reoccurring horrible bronchial spasms - the worst yet....gasping for air, fighting to fill my lungs!! The enemy tried to hit me with his big guns this time but even if I couldn't get the breath to speak out the Word the Lord gave me just a few hours earlier I'd come up swinging from the very core of my being and whisper, gasp, or mouth these words....."In the Name of Jesus, I WILL let out lungs full of Praise and I will open up in song to Him!! And devil that means I'm gonna be filling up my lungs and Praising Jesus!!

It was a fight! The scripture and Word the Lord gave me was a weapon...a mighty unstoppable weapon. I had to fight the fight of faith with the promises of God and the Name of Jesus for my healing. For weeks after that, whenever my chest would tighten and I'd start to loose my breath, I'd wield the weapon of His promises and stretch my faith one more time, trusting Him that I AM THE HEALED OF THE LORD!! Oh, and thank God for prayer warrior friends who layed hands on me and prayed and interceded/warred with me! That's what the Body of Christ should always do.....I'm so humbled and grateful! To God be All the Glory!

And then, one day lead into the next and the next and the next and I had no more bronchial spasms, my breathing returned to normal and I realized that I no longer had that feeling or fear of having to guard my breathing. And then my voice returned to normal and I'm Praising Him everyday!!

So that brings me to last weekend. Man was I fighting that cough and chest conjestion and then the rattle and high temp manifested and along with that the enemy began to rewind the old tapes from last summer and tried to lead me into fear. I'd be lying if I hadn't felt a little scared over the last weekend. My husband and I prayed the prayer of healing and felt it was wisdom for me to quickly get in to see the doctor. This was Friday afternoon, no more appointments available so an appointment was scheduled for Monday and was told to go straight to the ER over the weekend if I felt short of breath or had bronchial spasms. Oh great, here we go again .....Honestly, that's how my emotions wanted to respond. BUT all of a sudden Psalm 71:23 raced through my heart and mind and I spoke it out......"The Lord Jesus gave me the promise of Psalm 71:23 then and it's still alive and working on my behalf now, so......In the Name of Jesus, I WILL praise Him with lungs full of Praise!! From the moment I spoke those living words, I knew I'm gonna be OK!! Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus for Your Living Word!!!

By Friday evening I was running 103 degree fever and went to a Walk In Clinic Saturday morning. After evaluating my decreased oxygen intake level, fever and lung rattle and congestion I was sent to the ER for a chest x-ray. The doc said I have pneumonia and immediately started aggressive treatment to hit the infection hard and clear my lungs and bronchial tubes of inflamation so I will not have a reoccurance of the bronchal spasms and limited breathing like last summer. When they told me the diagnosis, I can honestly say I was not alarmed, or even rattled (God thing, God thing)! Inside my heart and mind I spoke Psalm 71:23 and continue to confess and stand upon it now!

Which brings me to yesterday morning! The morning's sky was the same as it is almost every morning in beautiful Arizona - absolutely breathtaking. But as I got in my car and began driving to my doctor for follow-up, it was as if my sences had been so heightened to all of God's gloriouis creation everywhere I looked! I mean yesterday's morning's lapis blue southwestern sky seemed particularly radiant and the mountain ranges were absolutely gorgeous! It was like I was seeing them for the first time! I put my new Kari Jobe CD in and clicked to my two fav's "The Revelation Song" and "You are for Me" and began croaking and coughing out Praise to the Lord and THEN IT HAPPENED! HE was there, His Presence was in my Jeep - so close, so wonderful.....so amazing! I felt such Peace, Comfort and Joy! I continued to Praise Him - My Wonderful Divine Passenger and when the track changed to "You are for Me" hot tears began to flow - He's always there for me and for you!  I realized He was really with me as I was really "doing" Psalm 71:23.....Even though it was difficult to do so, I was opening up in song to Him and letting out lungs full of Praise....and He joined me - in my Jeep! Jesus and Jackie in the Jeep! Hallelujah!! Hey, this gives me an idea, maybe I need a new license plate that simply says "3 J's"! PTL!

Everywhere I looked I was reminded of the Majesty and the Wonder of His Creation. It was as if we were just spending time together and He was reminding me of Who He Is and how Great and Faithful He is to His children!

I grabbed my camera and began just driving and clicking - rolling down my window here and there and just clicking all along our way. I share a few of my photos below of the beauty He pointed out on the way to and from the doctors office.  You can double-click on each photo to get the fuller view if you'd like!........

The deer just "peeked" out and posed for me before I was even out of my neighborhood....

The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights
Habakkuk 3:9

Still in my neighborhood......

So you'll go out in joy, you'll be led into a whole and complete life.
The mountains and hills will lead the parade, bursting with song!
Isaiah 55:12 Msg

Nothing is impossible with Him......
He brought streams also out of the rock
and caused waters to run down like rivers
Psalm 78:16

This is my fav! I was pulling off the exit ramp and trying to get a clear shot of the cross, free of traffic signs and didn't even realize this sign until I loaded it for this post......amazing God thing!

Don't fear, Don't panic!
Always Stop and Look Up to the Cross!!
Love, Jesus!

So, that was my Monday with My Divine Passenger and oh, what a wonderful road trip it was!!

Things went well for my follow-up - lungs clearer, oxygen level normal, bronchial tubes still congested but getting better, so I'm following doctors orders, meds, breathing treatments, rest and most importantly - I'm standing on the Promises of God! He is Faithful!

I know this has been a long post, but I just had to share and pray that it blessed and encouraged you. I've included the video below of the Kari Jobe song that always melts my heart before the Lord. It is the song "You are for Me" that I was singing (croaking) yesterday when He joined me......If you have just
a few more minutes, please simply listen to the words and let them usher your heart into His Presence.....He loves you! He is Faithful! He is for you!

Sweet Blessings!

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Kelly said...

geuJust read the blog -Meditation from the Cardinal Nest - by Ruth !
At January 7 post ,you will see one amazing story about one amazing sister .She`s looking for founds to feed some hungryes childrens .
I just thinking how i can realy help !??
I pray that Joy For All will minister to it's visitors
and will encourage and bless everyone in some way.
We can identify with the disciples. At times, we have
a tendency to focus on the things that are going on around us instead of the One that is in control of all things. When that happens, reality may seem overwhelming, and the problems appear unsolvable. However, we must realize to be fearful
is to lack faith in God and in His provision for us. True faith focuses on God, not on the things that are happening.Psalm 139:11-12
If I say, surely the darkness shall fall on me,
Even the night shall be light about me.
Indeed, the darkness shall not hide
from You, but the night shines as the day,
the darkness and the light are both
a like to You.
in Jesus love >>

Beth E. said...

Wow! You had quite a summer AND quite a weekend! I'm glad to hear you are doing better. I have allergy and illness-induced asthma. I know what it's like to be gasping for breath. Bless your heart!

Don'tcha love it when God sends us a message through His word?! That's a great scripture!

Your pictures are beautiful...love the deer!

Take care of yourself, and feel better soon...


Sassy Granny ... said...

Your breathing challenges made me think of my sister, Carol. She has a real weakness for asthma, and some years it's worse than others. Like you, she has tethered herself to the Lord and His promises. She has discovered that dampness (like the air near her Encenada home), and mold (like the dry spores kicked up by desert winds), and cat/dog fur are her worst enemies.

I live in Arizona, too. And at times I believe the Lord gave the desert a unique beauty of it's own to offset it's seeming barrenness. Great pictures!


Debbie said...

Oh Jackie this WAS very encouraging. I have had a BAD cough too for the last week and a half. I don't usually get them and when I do I am such a baby. I hate the feeling that you might not be getting enough air. It is breaking up now and no more wheezing and I never had a fever or anything, but still, just not good. I LOVE that the Lord did all this for you and that you are feeling better physically, but also that you have beaten down the fear with His strength. Praise God for this. Your pictures were beautiful. Loved seeing that deer. Rest and take care of yourself. Blessings to you, Debbie

rcubes said...

Sister, who wouldn't panic if you are not able to breathe? It's hard and pneumonia is a nasty thing. Praise the Lord for His healing and wonderful ways of communicating with you. Loved that sign!!! And I love KJ's song.So anointed! Your post reminded me back in 3/26/05 when I lost my voice and still wanted to sing for Him. This is the Chorus part:

Even if I can't raise my voice
It's my heart that will praise You forever more
I will lift up my hands and shower my King
With praises and adoration for it's my heart that will sing...

Blessings and hope you're feeling much, much better...God bless you and protect you.

Cathy said...

Such an awesome post and pictures!

Andrea said...


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I wish I would have been in that jeep with you ! Basking in the presence of Him!

Praying for you precious sister.

JosiahsMommy said...

CUTE blog! I found you from your link up on Mama Zone. Feel free to follow me back if you'd like.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog that so greatly points toward our Creator/Healer/Sustainer - God and His presence that is ever with us, if we'll just 'look'.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, what a blessing to have Jesus in your jeep! I love your faith and perseverance. The song was so beautiful...Why do the battles have to come? But I'm sure each time you are strengthened and refined, and your character is built up. Jesus just keeps getting better and better!

Jacquelyn said...

Jackie, wow that is amazing. I love those special times when God is so very close. We know He always is, but we just always don't have that special awareness. So glad He showed Himself to you in this way and you are doing better. One time when I was feeling really down about something (don't even remember what now) and I was sitting quietly and alone in my chair. Suddenly I most literally felt God's loving arms squeeze my shoulders and give me a big hug. I mean I FELT it. And that was it. He knew that was all I needed to jolt me to remember His presence is real. Jesus in the jeep. I love it!

Nana Jul said...

How Great is our God, sing with me How Great is our God!! That was such a witness! I had an Awesome awareness of Knowing He is with us today.
Jackie, I will be praying for your complete healing!
Ps. 109:6 Save us and help us with your right hand that those you love may be delivered!!
Rest well, Heal mightily!

sonja said...

Jesus in your jeep...I sure love that...I have a jeep too, and it's one of the best places to just pray and praise!

Beautiful pictures... both photos and words Jackie!


christy rose said...

Wow! Girl you have been through it in the health department. Glad that you seem to be doing better. Take care of yourself and keep standing on His promises! You are so right! He is faithful!

Love the idea of the 3 Js on your license plate. Jesus and Jackie in the Jeep! That is great! And your pictures were just awesome. Especially the one of the cross with the sign that pointed to it. that was so cool.
Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Word! Thank God for it and thank you for sharing this story.

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